Happy Borrowed Birthday!


I am 38 years old today and I am one of the rare few who want everyone to know it’s my birthday. I love my birthday. I think birthdays should be celebrated to the fullest degree. Did you know that if your birthday falls anywhere between Thursday and Sunday that you get to celebrate your birthday all weekend long? It’s true. I decreed it to be so sometime in the 1990’s. Since mine falls on a Tuesday, I only get to celebrate for one day, but that’s okay because really, how often do we celebrate Tuesdays?

I get my celebratory attitude from my mom. She is the best at making birthdays special. Everybody’s birthday was celebrated with a cake and presents and favorite meal of choice (mine was always homemade chicken and dumplings). My sister went one better while her kids were growing up – she decorated the table early in the morning so that they would wake up to balloons and cake and presents first thing in the morning. My husband couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about when he married into my family. His family doesn’t “do” birthdays like mine does, so I had to educate him on the importance of making sure the birthday girl person has a really great day. The one year he didn’t get me a present, he got fully “educated”, and he has remembered the lesson well!

I feel bad for people who don’t make a big deal about their own birthdays, or who don’t have anyone to do it for them, so I am going to give a gift to all of those people. You have my permission to use my birthday as your own excuse to celebrate! Borrow my birthday today and celebrate it however you choose, just as long as you include something special and out of the ordinary. Go get a manicure, buy that special dress you’ve been eyeing, take an hour to sit outside and read a book – just do something that makes you supremely happy, because you deserve to be celebrated! For at least one day out of the year, we all should celebrate the gift of life we have been given.

Today is going to be a rather ordinary day until 3:30pm. After work, however, I’m going to get a mani/pedi and the hubs and kids and I will go out to eat somewhere, because I am NOT cooking dinner on my birthday. Then on Saturday, the big family birthday party will happen with my parents and my sisters and their families which will include dinner, cake and presents! Yay! We love any reason to get together, but birthdays are especially fun.

So what special things do you do to celebrate birthdays? I’d love some new ideas!

Oh, and Happy Borrowed Birthday everyone!!


cartoon by nataliedee.com

17 thoughts on “Happy Borrowed Birthday!

  1. Last year was the first time I have celebrated my birthday since I think i was 22. So for my 35th last year I did a “Cake and Karaoke” at the bar, and then since my husband’s bday is the day before mine, we went out and hit the town. I’ve moved so many times, and I don’t live close to family, so since there really wasn’t anyone that felt close enough to do something for me, I did it my damn self!! LOL.

    Some at first thought it was a bit strange, but admitted they had a blast!

  2. Happy Birthday TOOOOO YOOOOOOOU!!

    My birthday is on March 15th this year. It’s a Sunday, I’m taking the Friday and Monday off surrounding my birthday.

    The festivities start on Friday afternoon with an “I’m turning 30 tattoo” and then dinner and drinks with the girls.

    Saturday is dinner with the in-laws.

    Sunday is breakfast with my parents…maybe some breakfast cake? (hopefully some presents!) and then dinner with the husband that night.

    Monday is to relax, enjoy my life and remember how blessed I am before heading back to work on Tuesday.

    And that is my birthday celebration this year!

  3. Cher – I posted a reply earlier but it seems to have disappeared. I think it ‘s great that you planned your own birthday party – at least that way you know you won’t be disappointed!! 🙂

    And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy every minute of it 🙂

    I’m a twin so I share my birthday with her every year. Since I’m innately selfish, I’ll go out and celebrate by myself, spending money I don’t have and eating things I shouldn’t. Come on, it’s my birthday?! 😉

  5. JILLIE!!!!! WHEW! I just made it under the wire to wish you a happy happy happy birthday ON your birthday! Hope you check your blog before you go to bed. I truly wish I lived close enough to take you out for your birthday lunch and CAKE!!!

    We grew up with birthdays very much like you described. And as I have grown older I have just gotten even nicer to myself on my birthday! They usually last about a week now. Since my best friend lives in oregon, my best ‘local friend’ and I have, for the past few years, taken each other out for our birthdays wherever we wanted to go–shopping and lunch. Its so fun to look forward to. I think one of my best birthdays ever was my 50th. I told my quilting group (about 10 ladies) that I wanted a birthday like Oprah’s 50th (me and Oprah are almost the same age) and they planned a COMPLETE surprise party for me with about 50 people from my church and my family from the Bay Area. It was so much fun.

    Okay, enough about me…can you tell I’ve been away from my computer for a few days, and I have too many words stored up!

    Love to you, Jill,and you have my permission to eat cake for a week. Followed by a week of running and shredding….

  6. I love my birthday too!! I know you must get a billion messages, but I am a new mom, without much of a support group. I love what your mom and sister did. Since you can’t give a two year old cake for breakfast- what did you sister do for her little ones or what do you/ would you do??? Thanks!

  7. Debbie – What a great 50th birthday for you!! I’ll bet that was a blast! I’ve been wondering where you were – thought maybe you were working or something. I’m glad you popped in! I wish you lived close enough to take me to lunch too!! 🙂 Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Jessica – Hi!! I love getting messages, so feel free to message me any time! I’m going to email you right now…

  8. Happy Belated Birthday.

    Personally, I celebrate my birthday season. It can last anywhere from a week to 4 weeks depending upon activities. I’m shameless about it. It is so much better to promote your own birthday than to expect others to remember and do something for you. This way there is less room for disappointment. And who wants to be disappointed on their birthday? Not me!


    I hope your day was just perfect.

    I have been away from the computer since Sunday so I am very late on the birthday wishes.

  10. Well… i didn’t know that if a birthday falls on that date, it will also be celebrated on weekends after that. i think that’s such a good idea! and i can get to eat cakes for three days, but the thing is, im on a diet and i fi ever do that, ill loose it.

    On an another note, belated Happy Birthday!

    -Doctor John

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