I am 38 years old today and I am one of the rare few who want everyone to know it’s my birthday. I love my birthday. I think birthdays should be celebrated to the fullest degree. Did you know that if your birthday falls anywhere between Thursday and Sunday that you get to celebrate your birthday all weekend long? It’s true. I decreed it to be so sometime in the 1990’s. Since mine falls on a Tuesday, I only get to celebrate for one day, but that’s okay because really, how often do we celebrate Tuesdays?

I get my celebratory attitude from my mom. She is the best at making birthdays special. Everybody’s birthday was celebrated with a cake and presents and favorite meal of choice (mine was always homemade chicken and dumplings). My sister went one better while her kids were growing up – she decorated the table early in the morning so that they would wake up to balloons and cake and presents first thing in the morning. My husband couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about when he married into my family. His family doesn’t “do” birthdays like mine does, so I had to educate him on the importance of making sure the birthday girl person has a really great day. The one year he didn’t get me a present, he got fully “educated”, and he has remembered the lesson well!

I feel bad for people who don’t make a big deal about their own birthdays, or who don’t have anyone to do it for them, so I am going to give a gift to all of those people. You have my permission to use my birthday as your own excuse to celebrate! Borrow my birthday today and celebrate it however you choose, just as long as you include something special and out of the ordinary. Go get a manicure, buy that special dress you’ve been eyeing, take an hour to sit outside and read a book – just do something that makes you supremely happy, because you deserve to be celebrated! For at least one day out of the year, we all should celebrate the gift of life we have been given.

Today is going to be a rather ordinary day until 3:30pm. After work, however, I’m going to get a mani/pedi and the hubs and kids and I will go out to eat somewhere, because I am NOT cooking dinner on my birthday. Then on Saturday, the big family birthday party will happen with my parents and my sisters and their families which will include dinner, cake and presents! Yay! We love any reason to get together, but birthdays are especially fun.

So what special things do you do to celebrate birthdays? I’d love some new ideas!

Oh, and Happy Borrowed Birthday everyone!!


cartoon by nataliedee.com