Dear Winter Blahs,

Please go the hell away!!! It’s going to be 80 degrees here today, so why are you still hanging around? You are hindering my progress and happiness, and I’m not okay with that so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll hightail it outta here, PRONTO!!



PS. Leave all my blog buddies alone too! I mean it!


funny dog pictures, loldogs, cute puppy pictures, serious

7 thoughts on “GO AWAY!!!

  1. LOL Cute picture. I am not a winter person! I would rather hibernate. But the weather here is so warm and flowers are just starting to think about blooming that it already feels like spring. Yesterday was 83!

    Come on spring!

  2. I’m so printing that picture out and pinning on my door at work!

    Today is gorgeous outside and I’m hoping the sunshine hangs around for good now!

  3. You hit the nail on the head. It’s the winter blahs in March. And we lose an hour this weekend, which in theory is great because we get more light at the end of each day, but in reality I always feel like I have jetlag for a full week. So I’m pretty much resigned that next week is gonna bite, too.

    I’m just such a ray of sunshine lately. Good grief.

  4. Hey, Just found your blog through your guest post at CrankyFitness. Great guest post ^_^ I’m totally with you on the Winter Blahs. They’re really persistant this year 😦 Although the LolDog helped ^_~

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