Funfetti is latin for “temptation”

It reallybugs me when I want to write a post but my kids keep LOOKING OVER MY SHOULDER.   Having someone look over my shoulder while I’m on the computer really ticks me off.  For some reason, when I’m on the computer I consider that my “don’t bother me” time, and I get so little of that, that when I do get it I become mama bear protecting her cub.  That’s why it’s so easy to blog while I’m at work – no one looking over my shoulder while I blog about how much crap I ate.  But now things are changing at work and I really don’t have time to blog at work, and blogging from home is a challenge.  I’m not going to stop blogging because it’s the one of the few things I do all day that brings me satisfaction, so don’t worry, y’all can’t get rid of me that easy!  I’ll figure something out somehow. 

Gemfit has a great post today about exercise stigma – does it exist?  Is one form of exercise better than another?  Go read her post then come back here and tell me what you think.  I’ll wait…

I also found a really handy website called OwnerIQ. Looking for the manual for your old treadmill?  Chances are, you’ll be able to find it here.  This nifty website has all kinds of manuals on pdf and it also has a feature that lets you gather all your manuals in one place so you never have to worry about spending countless hours searching for a manual only to realize later that you threw it out because you thought you would never need it.  FYI, the minute you misplace that old manual is the precise moment all hell will break loose and the answers to all of life’s questions will be found in the missing manual…if only you could find it.

I ended up buying an elliptical trainer, I’ll tell you about and post some action shots this weekend so you’ll have something to laugh about. 

Well, it’s time to get the kiddos to bed, and then me to bed shortly thereafter.  Did you notice my exercise minutes for this week?  Go me! 

PS.  My husband is evil – he is baking a Pillsbury Funfetti cake.  It should  be against the law for cakes to smell so damn good while they are baking.

10 thoughts on “Funfetti is latin for “temptation”

  1. First, the cake. I believe that would be cause for mutiny in my house! Did you read Vickie’s post on that a while ago? She was very insistent that her family not do that kind of thing to her.

    The exercise is exercise theory. Well, PQ also wrote a little post on that–about our lives becoming so convenienced that we have to go to a place to exercise. And now that place has become the norm in our society, so we can’t even see the oddity of it. But personally, right now, I have ‘gym envy.’ Been reading Dietgirl’s book and the idea of going one place with so many choices sounds so fun. The thing about the dvd’s is that I like them for about a week, and then I don’t want to listen to them say the same words, crack the same inside jokes with their buddies, make the same facial expression at the same time. Fickle of me, I know.

    Okay, this is too long, but what I really wanted to say is: No, for ‘dieters’ (def: anyone serious about losing weight and keeping it off,) exercise is not exercise. Some people exercise a lot, and are disappointed that the pounds do not fall off. We all know from our points counters that vigorous exercise burns more calories in a shorter time than leisurely exercise. Then there’s the whole strength/weight lifting thing. Building muscle to amp up your metabolism, etc. And the people who simply will not believe that you have to challenge your muscles by using increasing amounts of weight. THEN there’s the depressing information that your body gets used to repetitive exercise, adjusts for it, and no longer receives as much benefit from it. So you need to keep varying the type of exercise you do to get the same benefit from it.

    I know, I should have written my own post about this! But I’m too lazy, and I have other things on my mind. And you asked…LOL!

  2. I love long comments Debby!!

    As far as the cake thing, I personally think it would be selfish of me to ask my family NOT to do those kinds of things. Why should they miss out on the occasional treat just because I want to lose a few pounds? I always have the choice to say NO, and I do. But I also understand that for some people it’s just too much to contend with, so I get what you and Vicki are saying.

    I have gym-envy too!!! I would love to go to one place and have several different machines at my disposal, but my time schedule (and my kids) make that very difficult right now. So I’ll just stick to heading out to the garage to visit with Elli (my new elliptical trainer)!

  3. I love having a gym at my disposal. And I really try to get the most out of my membership!

    Well done on the exercise minutes!

    I also get annoyed when my husband starts looking over my shoulder… it usually means he wants a turn at the computer! It’s probably only fair, since I spend about 8 hours a day on it…

  4. Having someone stand over me while I am on a computer . . . makes me want to go midevil on them. I can feel my shoulders hunching up and the tension in my neck starts. And I’m not looking at no-no things, it just plain irritating and rude. So, I get what you are saying.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. You bought I’m elliptical? Good for you! My dream is to have an elliptical, treadmill, rower, and free weights in my house (not this house, cause there’s not a spare room to dedicate, so the next house). Personally, I think exercise equipment at home is a key to success.

    Congratulations on 125 exercise minutes Jill! And I like your name too 🙂

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