Making the choice to be a better me

Hey gang! 

Sorry I haven’t blogged much this week, but work has been crazybusy and it doesn’t look like it’s going to let up anytime soon, so if I don’t show up for a few days, don’t worry.  I’m trying to get into the habit of blogging at home (like I am today – yay vacation days!!), so I might start posting more on the weekends and possibly evenings.  Although honestly most of my ideas for my posts come when I’m working, so let’s just say I’ll post whenever I get a chance! 

First of all, go give Debby some cyber love – one of her beloved dogs has passed away and I know she is hurting.  My thoughts are with you Debby!

Secondly, if you haven’t checked out MizFit (I’m pretty sure we all have), go asap and read my buddy Laura’s guest post.  I know we’ve all been there at one time or another (some of us are there even as we speak). I have more thoughts on her post in just a minute…

Here’s my exciting (to me) news for the day – my yearly bonus came through and now I have money to spend!!  Woo hoo!  I”m going today to buy some running shoes, but I’m also looking to buy a new piece of athletic equipment.  My old friend, Treadmill, died a couple of months ago and I have been lost ever since.  I can’t decide though if I want to get another treadmill or try an elliptical machine.  I don’t want to spend more than $300  – I know that limits me, but that’s about all I am willing to let go of at this point.  I bought my last treadmill for $300 and it lasted me 8 or 9 years, so I’m confident I can get a decent treadmill for that amount of money. Not so sure about getting a decent elliptical for that amount.  Any suggestions or thoughts from you guys? 

So, back to Laura’s post on MizFit:  Laura brought up the idea that when her energy level is high, it is so much easier to make the good choices.  And in the comments there was a comparison of eating healthy with being married…and suddenly the last few weeks all tied together nicely for me.  When the hubs and I had “the big fight”* a couple of weeks ago, I was at my lowest – mentally, physically, emotionally.  He complained that I didn’t make time for him, that I was always tired, etc etc etc (I had my own complaints about him, which we discussed in great length, but that’s a post for another day!).  During that time I hadn’t been working out and I was eating crud all the time, and suddenly it clicked:  eating crap + not working out = NO ENERGY.  And no energy means making bad choice upon bad choice until my self esteem is in the basement and I have nothing left to give anyone, especially my husband.  I had to explain to him that sleep was very important to me and I NEED to work out consistently in order to be the wife he needed me to be. I realize now that  working out and eating healthy is not just about me, it’s about being the best me I can be, so I can be the best wife (or mom, or friend) I can be.  My choice to work out or not , or eat a lot of junk or not, affects everyone in my house and my life.  This was an aha! moment for me and I hope I can remember it when I’m tempted to go overboard with cake.  Of course I don’t think having a piece of cake is going to ruin me, but having 3 peices of cake with 16 Oreos and 4 slices of pizza, will definitely wreck havoc on my emotional state.  The last few days I have worked hard to make good food choices, and in addition to losing 3 pounds, my energy has come back up and I feel so much better.  When my energy is high, I feel like all is right with the world,  and for right now, all is right in my little world and like I said in a previous post, the hubs and I are getting along really well (winkwink).  

So, like a lot of the commenters said in Laura’s post , it’s all about choices and making the choice every day (sometimes every minute) to fight the good fight in the healthy living battle. 

On a completely different note, I’ve finally updated my blogroll.  Let me know if any of the links don’t work, and if you are a regular commenter here and I don’t have you on my list, accept my apologies and let me know if you want to be added. I do read everyone of your blogs, even if I don’t comment. 

Okay, well I guess I should shower and get ready to head into Tulsa so I can stimulate the economy.  Hopefully I’ll have some nifty new shoes to show you all when I get back!!  🙂

7 thoughts on “Making the choice to be a better me

  1. eating crap + not working out = NO ENERGY

    Okay, first you coined the term destructive eating and now this ?? Is there no end to your brilliance?

    This post resonated so much with me it’s nearly overwhelming. You are talking about me. Exactly. I have no energy. Haven’t been exercising. And I’m reading to avoid snacking, so I think we can all figure out the rest of the equation. You’re on to me, sister!

    This is such an aha for me I can’t write anything cogent, but wow! and thanks.

  2. Woohoo on the bonus! It sounds like things are going well, esp. with the hubs. That’s just super & makes everybody happier in the house.

    I’d get a treadmill again if I were you. Elip. machines do not replicate running, IMO. I hate them. Boring boring boring. Maybe you can find a good used one?

    Hope your weekend is filled with energy!

  3. Good morning, Jill! I am so glad you had this ‘aha’ moment. It is fascinating to me how each person needs to hear a truth in a different phrase or from a different person in order for it to ‘take’ with them. Just keep it firmly entrenched, because the world (and yourself even) will try to take it away.

    I am VERY excited about your running shoes, and am anxious to hear what you chose, and how you think they work. I have been thinking about spending a little more for some running shoes, but am just not sure how to go. Right now I use Saucony, which I really like the fit of, but I tend to go with the lower price range, and just wonder if it would be worth it to pay a little more…

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