Severely sleep deprived, but here. The 3yo was up half the night with a cough that would not go away and so I spent most of the night on the couch with her trying to keep her from gagging on the mucus (sorry, it’s gross I know). Ah, the joys of motherhood…

I had a fabulous Valentine’s Day and I’m just gonna say it – I have the Best Husband Ever in the History of Husbands. No really, I do. We are super in love right now – much like how we were 13 years ago when we met. We’ve been going through a rough patch for the last few months, but a couple of weeks ago we had it out and we both got a lot of things off our chests, and since then we’ve come to a new understanding of one another and it’s been great.

30 Day Shred Update: I have done the 30DS once in the last 10 days. I spent all day yesterday cleaning house and I burned some major calories, so I didn’t feel the need to workout anymore last night. I’d like to go run AND do the 30DS tonight, but seeing as how I’m so sleepy I’ll probably fall asleep on the couch as soon as I get home, it may not happen. Tomorrow is church, so if I get it done at all it will most likely be Thursday. I’m not doing very well at being consistent with my exercise, which really bums me out, because I know that’s the secret to getting this weight off.

I decided to put Mary Lou in the closet for awhile because I think I need to see an actual number in order to be properly motivated. Seeing the number creep up and up and up is more alarming than hearing “you are two pounds above your starting weight“. Seeing the red needle land near The Forbidden Number is like hearing an audible Danger Will Robinson Danger – you are nearing the Red Zone!!!” It makes me jump back and realize I have to work harder to get the number back down. I felt so much better ten pounds ago when I was at my lowest weight. I’d like to be there again, minus another ten pounds.

So sorry if this post is rather incoherent and rambly – I’ve had my quota of coffee for the day so it’s not going to get any better until I get some more sleep. Hope you all have a good day!