I have the day off today!  Win!

But I had to use a vacation day.  Lose.

I got to sleep in this morning!  Win!

But I was out of creamer and splenda for my coffee.  Lose.

I ran for 25 minutes this morning!  Win!

But then I got so irritated at every member of my family, I killed a sugar cookie.  Lose

But I only killed one sugar cookie instead of 16!  Win!

It’s a gorgeous day out, but my girls are grounded until their room is clean. Lose.

I made some healthy chicken salad because I want some good food today! Win!

But I’m out of eggs, which really bums me out because I like eggs in my chicken salad.  Lose.

I texted one of my buddies hoping her day was going better than mine.  Win!

But she’s having a bad day too.  Lose.

My husband paid my car insurance and car payment for me this month! Win!

But now in return I have to balance his checkbook.  Major major LOSE.

The girls’ room is now clean, all the kids are playing outside, I’ve got the house to myself for a little bit and my favorite smooth jazz station is playing on the radio.   WINWINWINWIN!!!!!!

Let’s hope there is no more losing today… I don’t think I can take anymore!!!   😉