Super Quickie Goals Post

So many thoughts…so hard to put them together in a cohesive fashion! But I guess that’s why God gives us bullet points:


• I’m logging my food into FitDay. I never would have guessed that already this morning I have eaten 500 calories (and it’s only 9am). Knowledge is Power!!


• I’m making the commitment to train for a 5k run. There is a run in April that I would like to do – I hope that gives me enough time to train because I don’t want to look like a bumbling buffoon in front of the real runners. Also plan on spending some of my bonus $ from work on running shoes from a for really reals running store (I love you Academy, but I need more help than you can provide!).


• I noticed over on Hanlie’s blog, she keeps track of the total number of minutes that she exercises per week. I really like this idea and plan on stealing it from her. 😉 *waves to Hanlie*


• I’m still toying with the idea of doing South Beach again for awhile, just to make myself cut back on the sugar and processed carbs. I’m a little concerned about the liberal use of artificial sweeteners with this plan – I’m still not sure how I feel about that. I like to use Splenda in my coffee, but other than that I really don’t partake of the fake stuff. Will have to think on this one a little more.


• I’m going to make a goal of doing the 30DS 4times a week, any more than that will be a bonus.


• I’m printing this out and hanging it on my fridge because if it’s not right in front of my face I tend to forget – yes, I am that much of a child!

10 thoughts on “Super Quickie Goals Post

  1. Woohoo! You have plenty of time to train for a 5k. Just remember–you don’t have to run the whole thing. Run/walk counts as much as run/run/run. I am so excited for you! And a real running store makes all the difference. Good shoes are a must.

    Great goals. 4 days a week of 30DS is an awesome idea. I’m going to shoot for 3, for now. I’ve got to start running 4 days a week soon, so it may be 2 of 30DS on the weeks I’m running enough. It’s a great workout, though. I’m sure my shoulders will be rocking in no time.

    Knowledge is Power–love it.

  2. Debby – FitDay is plainer. I think they are about the same, but FitDay just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that Sparkpeople has. I think they are both great, but I just wanted something plain and simple, so that’s why I’m using FitDay. 🙂

  3. ooooh. you reminded me, with this post, how much better I did before me moved when my VISION BOARD was in the kitchen.

    a constant goal reminder.

    I may move it for a month and see what happens.

  4. Spring – Lol!
    I also like the in sight strategy for goals – and I have one to add for all those who tend to be hard on them selves – next to the goals hang your weekly achievement list. Break your goals down into smaller tasks and each one you finish gets to go on the done list. It makes your progress more apparent to you and we all work better when we feel our efforts are amounting to something 🙂

  5. Wave back! It’s all very well to report back on minutes exercised, but it’s a bit embarrassing when the new weeks minutes are half of the previous week’s! But I’ll suffer the shame and do better next time.

    Evita from Evolving Wellness did a very informative post about artificial sweeteners –

    You might want to check it out! For me personally, I’m in this for my health, so I wouldn’t follow an unhealthy eating plan…

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