Ever have those days when putting on makeup feels like the biggest chore in the world?

Ever have those days when you make a decision that you KNOW is wrong, but it feels so right?

Ever have those days when throwing your alarm clock across the room becomes a very real possibility?

Ever have those days when you WANT your “monthly visit” to hurry up and get here already?

Not that I’m having one of those days or anything…

 (photo courtesy of Google Images)


Here’s what else is on my mind today:

When I’m on target with my eating, I have a hard time working out. But when I’m working out consistently and well, my eating goes down the drain – I want the sugary, carby stuff and lots of it. I’ve noticed this pattern for a long time now and the only time I could get the two to balance – I lost 25 pounds (that was last summer), but I was also taking an app suppressant, so I assume that had something to do with it. Am I going to have to do that again in order to lose these last 15 pounds???? Does anyone else notice this in their own lives and have you been able to balance the seesaw that is eating right/exercising? Please delurk to share with me your wisdom and I promise I won’t throw anything at you.