A funny thing happened on the way to the gym…

First of all, I just want to say thanks to all of you for your very nice comments on my last post.   I was very frustrated, but honestly, as soon as I hit “publish” I felt better, and then when I read all of your comments I felt…lifted.  And the thing is I KNEW that a good run is what I needed most of all to work out the stress and the emotions out of my system.  Which brings me to the title of this post…


Actually the funny thing didn’t happen on the way, it happened after I got there.  I live in between two small-ish towns, and one of the towns recently built a brand spankin new recreation center.  It’s beatiful.  The machines are still shiny and it has that “new gym smell” as opposed to that “old gym smell” which smells like wet dog.  They also have an elevated walking/jogging track that is free to the public (yay free stuff!).  So now I have a nice, warm, safe place to run as long as it is between the hours of 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.  I had the ipod all set, hair in a ponytail, running shoes on and I headed around the first lap.  I was about a quarter of the way through the first lap when I realized I was wearing my size 14 track pants.  I currently wear a size 12, but the 14s are my favorite and I didn’t think much about it when I put them on.  I wish I had thought about it more. With each step, my pants inched a little further down my hips until I thought they were going to end up around my knees at which point I probably would have fallen, making just enough noise to get the attention of the 7 high school boys playing basketball on the gym below me.  I had on a long-ish tshirt, but like I said, the track is elevated and it is right over the basketball court…so anyone looking up would have seen my pasty white belly hanging out.  Have I mentioned that I have had 3 kids and one of them was a c-section?  Yeah, so not a pretty sight.  Soooo, with every 6 or so steps, my pants get a little closer to the danger zone and here I am hiking up my pants and trying NOT to look like the old man who forgot to wear suspenders.  After about 2 laps of this, I finally got so tired that I took off my jacket, hiked my pants up as high as I possibly could, which in turn gave me instant capris (only not as fashionable) and I cinched my jacket around the pants-under-my-armpits and finished my run.  Next time, I will fo sho wear the 12s!!


In other news, my 30 Day Shred DVD FINALLY came yesterday and since I have the patience of a 2 year old, I shredded.  That Jillian is a bitch, but I think I have the tiniest bit of a girl crush on her!  The workout went really fast and it was over before I knew it.  I really hope I can move tomorrow. I know there are two people who haven’t gotten their dvd’s yet, so I’m pushing the challenge back a few days unless I get the okay from them to go ahead and start.  I’ll post the official “Start the Shredding” post as soon as I know. 


Okay well, I’m off to shower since it’s almost 5 pm – nothing like waiting til the last minute!!  I’m going to watch the Superbowl only so I can eat lots of guacamole, because guacamole is the official dip of the Superbowl ya know.  Okay, I totally made that up but that’s how deep my love for guacamole goes – I’d even lie for it.   Have a great Sunday evening!!

8 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to the gym…

  1. Yay for a couple of things:
    1. The power of blogging and venting and support
    2. The fact that your fav 14s are too big 😉

    I’m still shred-less – amazon canada is out of the DVD and so are all the stores near me. I’ll check in at walmart on Wednesday on the way home from work but feel free to start without me and I’ll start with a handicap 😛

    That said, I’m still getting over the stupid pushups my devil of a trainer had me doing last week so maybe it’s a GOOD thing I’m not shredding tomorrow LOL

  2. Yah, Jill, you can start without me too. Surely the stupid thing will come tomorrow…

    That’s pretty funny about the pants–personally I’ve never had that experience–nothing’s ever been that large on me LOL.

    I LOVE guac too. Eat some for me. Do you make your own? Do you have a recipe you like?

    I like it when you post on Sunday!

  3. Woo Hoo to pants following off because they are too big!

    And way to go for “shredding”. I bet you were one of those people in college who started reading their text books a week before classes started?

  4. Good for you – wearing pants too big! Not that they were falling down, but that you discovered you can’t wear them any more. Unless you add some elastic around the waist and tighten it as needed.

    Venting is always a necessity for me. Doing it on the blog is even better – somewhat anonymous. Good for you.

    Just started my diet (life change). If you could browse my blog, I sure could use the support! Thanks.

    Vee http://www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  5. Ha!! I DID start reading them before classes started, but that only lasted about a month! Then I’d remember that going out with my friends was more fun, and pretty soon I’d only read what I absolutely had to in order to skate by!! Good times, good times…

  6. Yay for pants being too big and double YAY for getting in a run!

    So, are you sore from the workout? I haven’t worked out in 5 days…sore throat, cold, fever!

  7. Wardrobe malfunctions while working out! I’m sure there must be a lot of that… Well done on the run and I’m glad you’re feeling better!

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