A little ticked

Ten days (exactly) before my TOM, I turn into a raging biotch.  Add to that a really stressful day at work, plus the Jillian’s no show in my mailbox equals a really cranky me tonight.  

I stopped at the convenience store on the way home and bought 4 candy bars.  I ate two of them in the car.  Do you know how long it has been since I ate full size candy bars?  Longer than I can remember.  But today was one of THOSE days and I caved. 

Did it help?  Sort of, for a minute.  But now I”m still in a super cranky mood AND I’ve 500 cranky calories that I need to burn, but for some reason I STILL DON’T HAVE MY 30 DAY SHRED DVD.  This is starting to get annoying.  What up wif dat Amazon?

Oh, and did I mention I”m getting a cold?  Yeah, cause I need one more thing to piss me off! 


Tomorrow is another day.   I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. 

Pity me.

3 thoughts on “A little ticked

  1. Other than not getting the DVD, you are living my recent life in reverse. I finally posted today==life sucks right now! The ice storm has wreaked havoc.

  2. Nutrition and exercise have so much to do w/ PMS! If you avoid processed foods, sugar and caffeine, and exercise somewhat regularly, that should cut down on your symptoms. My PMS was far, far worse when I was in the throes of my sugar addiction….

    BODA weight loss

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