I”m interrupting your Saturday for an important announcement! 

Today I ran outside.  

Let me repeat that again.


For those of you who don’t quite understand the awesomeness of this, let me clarify:  this girl who ran outside in subfreezing temperatures today is the same girl who shivers when it’s 70degrees outside.  This is the girl who sleeps with socks on underneath 3 blankets.  Now do you see why this is cause for celebration???!!!

Today I made that decision that I was  going to run, somehow, somewhere come hell or high water.   It’s cold today, but the sun is out and the wind wasn’t blowing too hard. I decided that I would try to run in the local park, which has a good trail, or if I couldn’t handle the cold I would run at the rec center.  I wore some tights, my track pants, a tee shirt, a long sleeve tee shirt, a light jacket, and a heavy fleece jacket over all that.  I had on my headband that covers my ears, a hat, and gloves.  The only thing that got cold was my face, but when I wasn’t running into the wind, it was fine.   It’s a half-mile trail and I probably walked more than I ran, but the great thing was that there was no one else there – we had the park all to ourselves: me, David Cook, and about fifty thousand geese.  I had to watch out for the droppings, but they mostly concentrated at the east end of the trail, so that was okay. 

It.  Was.  Awesome.

I’m not exactly sure how many times I went around the park – maybe 5 or 6, so that would be about 3 miles, right?  Of those three miles I probably walked a little over half, but that’s okay.  Just the fact that I got out there was a small personal victory. 

So in conclusion, I pretty much rock today.  I have a new place to run and plenty of gear to keep me warm.  Could this be the year that I become a bona fide runner?????   I hope so. 


You may now return to your regularly scheduled Saturday.   🙂