Hey gang! 


I discovered a great little book last week (and when I say discovered, I mean I was asked by the very nice Tina of BlogTourSpot to read it) and I wanted to share it with you all because most of the people who read my blog are very interested in not only losing weight, but in finding a balance in our busy lives.  The book is called The Baby Fat Diet and the authors are Monica Bearden and Shara Aaron, both of whom are registered dieticians and busy moms.  They have put together an easy to read guide on balancing a healthy lifestyle with the crazy, ever-changing, always demanding lifestyle of a mom.  But here’s what I discovered:  this book is great for anyone who wants to learn how to eat a balanced diet and fit exercise into their life. 

I will admit that I didn’t have any expectations of this book before I read it.  I thought, “What are they going to tell me that I haven’t already heard eleventy million times before?”  But just looking through the table of contents, I found myself saying, “Oh, I’ve been wondering about that” and “Oooh that should be a good chapter”.   The chapters cover things like vitamins and supplements, organic foods, who to believe when it comes to nutritional studies, avoiding fad diets, eating at night, and getting your family in on the healthy action.  There are 35 chapters in this book and most of them are about 5 pages long, so you can pick a chapter and read it in just a few minutes, because let’s face it, that’s about all the time moms have to read anything!  The authors (hereafter refered to as the BFG’s – Baby Fat Girls) designed this book so that the reader can make small changes at a time, a big lifestyle overhaul is not necessary and I, for one, appreciate that aspect of it. 

I think what I liked most about this book is that the BFGs answered a lot of my general questions about health and nutrition.   They answered questions about omega 3’s, how to read a nutrition label,  which nuts are the best to include in a healthy diet (all of them!), and what to eat when it’s 9pm and the cravings won’t go away.  It’s a simple, straightforward guide to help you sort through the confusion about what eating a healthy balanced diet really means. 

But like I said before, don’t let the title fool you – even if  your babies haven’t been babies for years or if you’ve never had kids, this is still a very handy resource to have around and definitely worth the time it takes to read – which isn’t very long at all unless you are like me and have to do your reading in short segments during your “alone time” in the bathroom.  😉

The BFGs also have a great website and a blog (we all love a good blog, don’t we?!) that I have found to be interesting and funny.  These are real women, real moms who are in the trenches with the rest of us, fighting the battle for healthier bodies.  Go check out the website and tell them The Sassy Pear sent you!

Here’s where you can find the website:  http://babyfatdiet.com

Here’s where you can find the blog:  http://babyfatdiet.com/blog

Here’s where you can buy the book:  http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1592577970

And here’s a list of other stops on the blog tour:  http://www.blogtourspot.com/babyfatdiet/babyfatdiet-blog-tour-stops/


HERE’S THE BEST PART!!!  If you are still reading, then you deserve a prize!  One lucky commenter will receive a free copy of The Baby Fat Diet of their very own.  How cool is that?!  So leave a comment on this post by midnight January 25th (that’s Sunday) and the winner will be announced January 26th, and no I’m not giving away my copy – I’ve already made too many notes and dog-eared too many pages to give mine away.  The give-away copy will be shiny and new,  okay?!