I am stuck.  Stuck in a carbolicious rut of carbs, carbs, and more carbs.  And not the good kind of carbs either, oh no.   The more carbs I eat, the more I want.  I just can’t seem to shake it.  In analyzing my problem, I’ve come up with a couple different reasons for my descent into carbhell.  #1) I think I don’t eat enough during the day so that when I come home all I want to do is eat, eat, and then eat some more.  Also (this would be #2) I can’t think of any protein-rich snacks that sound good to me.   My snacks lately consist of goldfish crackers, popcorn (the kind from the Christmas tins), and anything of the chocolate nature.   String cheese has always been my go-to protein snack, but that just doesn’t sound good to me anymore. 

I wish it was summer – during the warmer months I eat salads all the time.  And fruit…I love fruit in the summer.  During these cold winter months however,  I want hearty soups and comfort foods.  Thick rich chewy foods do it for me right now in a big way, hence the 8 pound weight gain (yeah, I just admitted that I’ve gained 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks).   I’m getting back into the workout habit, but it doesn’t do much good when I wreck all my hard work with 1,000 calorie snacks right afterward. 

Just ignore this post – I’m venting to myself. 

However, just so that this post isn’t a total waste – in case you didn’t notice, I added the progress pics page.  You can see me go from cute little thang to big mama  to somewhat normal person again.  If I don’t get my eating back in control, I’m going to be posting big mama pics again…and no one wants to see that.