Stuck in a rut

I am stuck.  Stuck in a carbolicious rut of carbs, carbs, and more carbs.  And not the good kind of carbs either, oh no.   The more carbs I eat, the more I want.  I just can’t seem to shake it.  In analyzing my problem, I’ve come up with a couple different reasons for my descent into carbhell.  #1) I think I don’t eat enough during the day so that when I come home all I want to do is eat, eat, and then eat some more.  Also (this would be #2) I can’t think of any protein-rich snacks that sound good to me.   My snacks lately consist of goldfish crackers, popcorn (the kind from the Christmas tins), and anything of the chocolate nature.   String cheese has always been my go-to protein snack, but that just doesn’t sound good to me anymore. 

I wish it was summer – during the warmer months I eat salads all the time.  And fruit…I love fruit in the summer.  During these cold winter months however,  I want hearty soups and comfort foods.  Thick rich chewy foods do it for me right now in a big way, hence the 8 pound weight gain (yeah, I just admitted that I’ve gained 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks).   I’m getting back into the workout habit, but it doesn’t do much good when I wreck all my hard work with 1,000 calorie snacks right afterward. 

Just ignore this post – I’m venting to myself. 

However, just so that this post isn’t a total waste – in case you didn’t notice, I added the progress pics page.  You can see me go from cute little thang to big mama  to somewhat normal person again.  If I don’t get my eating back in control, I’m going to be posting big mama pics again…and no one wants to see that.

8 thoughts on “Stuck in a rut

  1. I found something called NUT*rition Energy Mix by the peanut company ( – mmm mmm.

    I find it hard to break off carbs once I have been swimming/drowning in them during the holidays.

  2. you look great!!!!!!!…once I have one delish carb , i want more , more , more…then I’ll have an orange or something and say…ok that wasn’t so bad. ..but it’s more of an effort for me to eat the “good” for you stuff. Old habits are hard to break. You did it before , you can do it again.
    Do you have a slow cooker? Make some soups. I make that WW veggie soup and try to eat it before each meal to fill me up. (you can make in a regular pot too). heehee

  3. Do you like hummus? Hummus and carrots works for me as a snack, filling, little speck of protein, not addictive like carbs. Also yogurt.

    I find that sugar just makes me want more sugar, so I try to stringently avoid it (please note the word TRY!).

    At least you’ve caught yourself at 8 lbs. You’ll work your way back! Go Jill!

    Tagged you for 7 things, btw!

  4. Oh man, Jill. Yes, eat more earlier in the day. Do you know that on the days I work I eat a pre-breakfast, and then a breakfast, and then dinner-lunch, and an afternoon snack, and then another snack on my way home in the car. Then NOTHING when I get home. (But I know that is different than for you. My day is 15 1/2 hours because of the commute.) Even so, you can see I eat a lot early in the day.

    More protein snacks? I don’t know…some of the protein snack bars are pretty good, but a little high in calories. Clif bars hold me longer than any of the others I’ve tried. South Beach aren’t bad either.

    But really, the sugar thing. We just need to give it up! I wrote about getting back on track this morning, posted it tonight when I got home, and then because I was feeling anxious, I went out and got cookies out of the freezer and ate them WHILE I watched the Biggest Loser. Aaaargh!

    I have a new recipe for Swiss Steak, real simple, that is ‘comfort food’ for me. I will try to post it soon.

  5. Love the progress pics!

    For me, if I’m feeling snacky and ONLY want carbs and not protein, sometimes it’s a sign that it’s more of a craving and not so much hunger. But then, I eat pretty regularly so often snacking is more out of boredom than hunger.

    Nuts and hummous are both good suggestions! I also do hardboiled eggs, bean dip, peanut butter…

    Good luck on turning it around. Sounds like you’re ready to get back on track and I bet you’ll be successful!

  6. I too found a rut mid-December till about oh say Monday. I am coming out of it this week. I ate ate and ate the bad stuff, I quit recording my stats for the most part and just didn’t care for a while. Not a recipe for success as we both know.

    I came out of it by going back to the routine that gave me success for a while. Which is to pack up in a bag everything that goes into my belly until dinner time. I can count the calories and plan to eat anything I want, provided the calories do not go over a certain number. The key is that I fill the bag when I am not in a starved state and can make wise choices. I get to eat about 2000-2200 calories so I eat breakfast of 300-400 calories, save 700 for dinner and nighttime snack and pack up 1000 or 1100 to eat during the day. This usually consists of a stick of cheese, can of V8, apple or pear, fiber one bar, baby carrots, yogurt or a few nuts, and then a lunch like a salad and a small portion of last nights dinner, etc. This parade of snacks during the day with a higher fiber snack like the fiber bar or apple/pear just before quitin’ time so as I get home I am not starving making wise choices easier to come by (though of course not guranteed).

    The catalyst for getting back on track was also a key for me. For me it was a class at the local YMCA about sports periodization, but it really was more about getting the right things on my mind. It could have been a book to re-read or a bout of reading others blogs. Anything to get the mind thinking about working out and eating would have done the trick. It is almost like I now have a secret agent on duty helping me, that would be my subconcious mind. He is noticing that I am thinking about this stuff a lot lately so this fella now starts to dream about it when he gets his time at night. It all becomes easier and it is like I am back where I was before when I was doing well.

    I find that skipping the blog reading and group workouts and books and my favorite show (biggest loser) makes me worry about the other things and start to ignore this very important goal. The mind will spend time on what you think about and worry about the most. So, it is my job to be certain that I spend a fair amount of time on fitness and healthy eating so that it is on my side instead of against me.

    Good luck on getting back to it, I am rooting for ya.

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