So I had this perky post about resolutions all set to go and then I read this from Charlotte. It just breaks my heart. My heart breaks for Charlotte and all the other women who had this happen to them. My heart breaks for my daughters and all the other daughters out there who will have to be warned about this kind of thing. It makes me angry as hell at anyone who thinks they can intimidate and threaten another human being all for the sake of power.How do I talk to my daughter, who is 8, about things like this? We’ve talked about stranger danger, and standing up for herself (she’s a follower, big time), and we have talked about how our bodies are our own and no one has permission to touch us.

But I want to know, how do I tell her to trust that inner voice that says “this is not a good situation”? How do I make her understand that being polite is not always the best thing to be? She is such a people pleaser and so naïve (like I was at her age) that I’m afraid she’ll ignore that gut feeling (like I have so many times before) when there are red flags going up everywhere.

I’ve never been hurt or assaulted, but there were times in college when, if it hadn’t been for my roommate (who was always at my side) I would have found myself in very bad circumstances. She always seemed to be able to read a situation better than I could, so she was usually the one saying “come on, we need to get outta here”. I was so green, that I wanted to believe that every one had good intentions and no one would hurt me because I was a good person. When I think back to what could have happened – it chills me to the bone. I want my daughters to be smarter than I was.

Wow, not such a perky post huh? I wasn’t even going to blog about this, but I couldn’t get it out of my head. Putting it out there in cyberspace helps a little, so here it is. I promise tomorrow’s post will be a little more light-hearted.