Shiny New Post

Hello Friends!  I fully intended to post more over the long weekend but between all the movie-watching and naps, I just couldn’t find the time, and did you really want to hear about how many Butterfinger Jingles I ate anyway? I didn’t think so.

So, here we are at the beginning of a shiny new year. To resolve or not to resolve, that is the question, and I still haven’t decided. I think New Year’s Resolutions are a good, if you make them small probable goals, and not something like “make eleventy billion dollars and buy Costa Rica”, but having goals such as “eat 3 veggies every day, or make the bed every day” I think are perfectly reasonable goals to shoot for.  Another important thing about making a list of resolutions is to actually read the list at least once during the year. Making a list and then stuffing it in the back of your office desk drawer never to see the light of day again is not going to do you any good. I looked at my list from last year at least twice during the following months, and it was a good reminder of what I wanted to accomplish. I didn’t accomplish everything on my list, but that’s okay. I’ll probably make another one for this year, just because I think it’s fun to dream about what I might be able to do in the next 12 months. Of course I’ll let you know when I do.

One thing I know will be on my list is “cooking more and healthier”. I’ve already started on that one by putting that food processor to good use. So far I have made hummus (not a good result – must do more tweaking), guacamole (OMGosh – so good!), and black eyed pea dip for New Year’s Day (very good if I do say so myself!), just to name a few. I also just bought Jessica Seinfeld’s cookbook Deceptively Delicious in order to sneak in a few more veggies into my kids’ meals. I decided to buy the cookbook because I had made some Good Morning muffins (recipe from the Hamilton Beach website) which had shredded carrots and apples in them. My kids love muffins and I didn’t tell them what was in these (if I had, they would have something like “Ew gross” and never even tried them), so they gobbled them right up. I felt a certain satisfaction that they got at least a few nutrients, so when I saw the DD cookbook – on sale no less – I snatched it up pronto. I can’t wait to start pureeing (that word looks like peeing -tee hee I’m such a child!), and sneaking in the goodness.

On a sad note, the old treadmill is dying. It tries to keep up, but its old motor just isn’t what it used to be. I nearly panicked Saturday when I went to start it up and it just wouldn’t go. Luckily Gilad was on at that time, so I followed along with him and got an excellent workout. I like Gilad because he doesn’t incorporate a lot of goofy moves, so I even felt comfortable enough to work out IN FRONT OF MY HUSBAND. That is a huge deal because I never work out in front of him, but Saturday I just didn’t care. The hubs even cheered me on while he sat at the computer playing games, as he had been doing for the previous hour and a half. He declined my offer to join Gilad and myself. Oh well, I’ll bring him over to the dark side eventually. I will get my little family healthy if it kills me.

Let’s see what else? Oh, on the advice of the excellent MizFit, I went out and bought some milled Flaxseed and have been putting the stuff in everything I can think of. I haven’t yet eaten it by the spoonful straight out of the box like the Miz does, but I’m off to a good start anyway. It’s been in my oatmeal, last night’s chili, the Black eyed pea dip, the Good Morning Muffins, and other miscellaneous foods that I can’t think of right now. I feel so exotic sprinkling this unfamiliar (to me) yet healthy goodness in my food!

To steal from Debby’s idea, I went through some old photos over the weekend looking for progress pics, and as soon as I scan them into my computer, I’ll post them so we can see how far I’ve come. I don’t feel like I have an accurate view of myself until I see myself in a picture. For a long time I didn’t let anyone take a picture of me, so I didn’t really know how big I was. What’s the opposite of anorexia? I always thought I was smaller than I really was, so when I would catch a glimpse of myself in a store window, or heaven forbid – a dressing room mirror, I would be genuinely surprised and hurt. But out of sight means out of mind, so I dove back into denial and a plate of cookies in order to forget what I knew was a big problem (pun totally intended). If I can remember to do it, I’ll post the pics tonight. So there’s something for ya to look forward to!

Whew – see what happens when I don’t post for several days? Let that be a lesson to me!

9 thoughts on “Shiny New Post

  1. Good morning, Jill! Lots of good ideas here. I laughed when you said to check your list of goals a couple of times during the year. This morning I was writing in my journal some ‘spiritual’ goals for myself, and happened to glance at the page from yesterday, and there were some goals I had written THE DAY BEFORE and I had already forgotten that I had written them!

    I bought the flaxseed meal the week before Miz suggested it, but I haven’t incorporated it into anything yet (scaredy cat)

    Loved your superhero description over on Miz’s…

  2. Jill!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello! Oh how I’ve missed your musings! You made me lol a few times in one post. The opposite of annorexia…I hear ya. Pics are hard. Thanks for the reminder about the flax. Keep us posted on your experiences w/ the DD book. I have yet to use mine..I mislaced it. Sounds like you are in a great place! Happy New Year!! (((Hugs)))
    Ps. Pardon the typos on the bberry.

  3. Sounds like you’re right on track for 2009!

    I’m also a flax freak. Love the stuff. It’s actually better to buy the whole seeds and grind just enough for one day in your food processor, as they do oxidize and lose some of their nutritional value once ground.

  4. Hey girl! Laughed out loud on the opposite of anorexia comment. True, baby, true.

    Do you use free weights with Gilad? I don’t have any and am thinking if I start his videos, I’m going to need some. What weight levels do you use?

    We are probably going to quit our gym. So I need to get a treadmill and weights at home. Because I’m not going to become any more of a pool of goo than I already have!

    Hope you are having a good week.

  5. Small note: I don’t work out in front of Jason, either… I shut and lock the bedroom door, and he knows better than to even try to walk in while I’m doing my workout videos. I’m glad I’m not the only one =)

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