Hello Friends and Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or both!I am 98% done with all my Christmas shopping – just have to pick up a few more little things (why does there always seem to be a few more little things?) and some snacky items and then I will be finito! Yee to the haw Baby!

I have just made a pact with my niece that we will not let each other do any mindless noshing when we all get together on Christmas Day. Notice I said, mindless noshing. I’m all for eating whatever you want on Christmas Day, but make it something you really want and will really enjoy. I mean, come on, do you really need chocolate covered pretzels after you have consumed appetizers, a big dinner and a scrumptious dessert? No, I think not. The treats will still be there tomorrow folks, no need to eat every morsel in one day.

I made this pact because I love snack foods. Finger foods are my favorite – and also my downfall. I can literally make myself sick popping cube after cube of cheese into my piehole, along with tiny sandwichesandfudgeandpeanutbrittleandcookiesandmorefudge. It can get outta hand if I let it, hence the pact. I’m trying to be proactive this year and make myself and others aware of my need for control. I also decided to have some of my favorite healthy snacks on hand like carrots and hummus, a fruit try, a veggie tray (why do fruits and veggies look so much better on a tray?), and a shrimp ring. Hopefully having these things available will help me stay on track.

By my calculations, I’m going to have to be on guard for the next 3.5 days. Tonight begins the Candy Making/Cooke Baking Extravaganza, then tomorrow is the Christmas Eve Noshing Around the Tree, and Christmas Day is when the Big Family Festivities take place. And then there’s always the Day After Christmas, when all you want to do is lay around and eat and play with your new toys that Santa brought (I’m hoping Santa brings me some new cookware – my pots and pans are thisclose to being condemned to scrap metal). So there will be unlimited opportunities for mindless snackage to occur. On the flip side of that, there will also be opportunities for lots of activity: Tomorrow morning, the Great HouseCleaning of 2008 will take place, which burns about eleventy billion calories if you do it right. Running around taking care of the last minute things burns a few kcals too, I’m sure. And then on Christmas Day we will be at my sister’s house and they have a Wii, so I’m planning on challenging a few family members to a few games of tennis and bowling. There will also be much laughter, which is good for the abs and core. So hopefully I can balance it out and all will be merry and bright!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that you get a chance to sit and reflect on why we do all this in the first place. God is so much better to us than we deserve. Merry Christmas gang – I love you all to death !