3 thoughts on “An Epistle to my Mood

  1. Awe, Jilly, you just need a nice relaxing bubble bath and a good night’s sleep.

    YOU ARE A GOOD MOM! Your kids will not remember a Wii thing (can you believe I really don’t know what this is) or the absence of a Wii thing. They will remember the times you read them a story, or the times you baked together, or the times you took a walk to the park, OR THE GREAT HALLOWEEN COSTUME YOU SLAVED OVER (instead of getting a bathrobe at the thrift store like a certain friend recommended!)

    I guarantee you this. Those are the things that I still remember, and that make me love my mom and dad. NOT the pinball machine we got one year. (I had to wrack my brain to remember something that would maybe be comparable to a Wii thing.)

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