Platform, where have you been all my life?

Welcome to the first ever SassyPear product review! Remember a few weeks ago when I briefly mentioned the scale that doesn’t tell you your weight? How I thought it was a genius idea, but I’d probably never have the chance to try it? Well the extremely nice folks at Mary Lou’s Weigh contacted me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing their product. Being the skeptic I am, I wrote back and asked if they were legit and what kind of scam were they running. Allison (who works with MLW) was very nice and said they were totally serious; they just wanted to get the word out about the scale and see what real people thought about it. So I said “sign me up!” and they shipped the scale to me superfast – I received it the Monday after Thanksgiving and since I have the patience of child on Christmas Eve, I pulled out the new fangled scale and hopped on.

Before I go into detail about how it works, I want to explain a few things first. Mary Lou Retton (who can forget her and her perfect 10 score at the 84 Olympics???) has partnered up with some very creative people to redefine the bathroom scale. She explains in her DVD (which accompanies the scale) that after having 4 daughters, she needed to lose weight, but didn’t want to be tied to a number (we all know how that number can make or break your day). However, being an athlete, she is very goal oriented and wanted a way to track her progress on a day to day basis. Thus was born the idea for a new kind of scale.

Not only have Mary Lou and her team redefined the traditional scale, they have given it a new name – The Platform. I like this. It makes me feel like an Olympic diver every time I step on ‘the platform”. The Platform comes with an instructional DVD and a really cute book filled with tips and advice about fitness and nutrition (the book is really great, has a hey-girlfriend-let’s-chat kind of feel to it).

The Platform works like this: you turn the scale on and wait for the prompt to step up. It then records your starting weight, but will not tell you the number. Then the next day, after your morning tinkle, you turn it on and wait for the prompt, then step on. If you have lost weight, a cute little fanfare song plays and Mary Lou herself says “You are 3 pounds below your starting weight!!” and after the applause, she gives a bit of you-go-girl and a piece of advice to think about for the day, like “be sure to include protein in your meals”. The Platform actually cheers for your success! Who doesn’t need that every morning?? If you step on and you have gained weight, here’s what happens: the Platform doesn’t tell you you have gained, instead Mary Lou says “you are 2 pounds below your starting weight” and gives you something to focus on, again a bit nutritional or fitness advice. This is where the genius lies – it never says you have gained!! It just starts from your starting weight and goes from there. This is probably my favorite feature because I get discouraged very easily when I see an uptick in the numbers, but with this, I am always reminded of how far I have come.

Another feature I like about this is that it only record in 10 pound increments. That is, it starts over with every ten pounds you lose, the idea being that a small 10 pound goal is more attainable than trying to lose say, 40 pounds. Since I have started using the Platform, I have lost 8.5 pounds, but I’ll include this disclaimer: when I received the scale, I didn’t wait until the next morning to weigh in (see the note about my lack of patience above), it was in the evening…after dinner…with my sweatshirt and track pants on…the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend. So my starting weight on the Platform probably wasn’t my true weight, but I think now I am back to my normal weight. I can’t wait to hit that 10 pound mark to see what Mary Lou will say, and this is keeping me motivated right now. See? More genius.

Another nice feature is that two people can use the scale. It will store weights for two people, so your spouse or a friend, or roommate can use it too. And if your 30 pound kid or your 30 pound cat steps on it, it won’t mess up any of your stored information. They thought of everything.

I think I should let you all know that Allison was very clear in letting me post an objective review. She said it was okay if I didn’t like the Platform, they just want to know what I didn’t like about it, but honestly, I really do like it. It’s easy to use and so encouraging, and I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose weight or even maintain a weight loss.

6 thoughts on “Platform, where have you been all my life?

  1. Well look at my friend, all grown up and in the big league–doing product reviews! I’m so proud of you. Just think, I can say, ‘I knew her when…’

    That is a very clever gizmo. And I checked out their webpage–very helpful, and with 50% off that is a great price.

    What does Mary Lou say if you GAIN 10 pounds while checking in with her?

  2. Well, funny you should ask that Debby because I finally got the hubs to step on and record his starting weight (I wasn’t even around when he did it) and then last night he stepped on again with clothes and shoes and all so we could see what would happen if you go over your starting weight. Mary Lou kindly said, “you are 5 pounds over your starting weight.” and then there was something about when life gives you lemons, add it to your water and drink up!

    We went out to eat last night, and we kept joking that Mary Lou was going to yell at us this morning!! (I stayed the same btw)

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