And God said, “Let there be DSL in the rural areas.”


And it came to pass that after many years of frustratingly slow dial-up, Jill’s land was blessed with DSL, and it was good.


In other news, I’m a cotton headed ninny muggins for not blogging sooner.  Actually I have been blogging – in my head.  I have thought of many funny, warm, and insightful posts over the last week, unfortunately not one of them comes to mind now that I have time to sit down and post. So in order to fill the blank pages of my blog, I’ll entertain you with slides of my vaca…just kidding, I won’t put you through that.  Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:


I stayed in bed with the covers over my head for several days over the cancellation of the Duran Duran concert. I went through all my black clothes and several members of my family sent flowers.  It was a dark time for me, but my spirits were lifted when I found out they plan to reschedule.  I may get my Christmas Wish after all.*


I had a great 3 day weekend – I got to visit with a few friends and did some Christmas shopping with my mom.  It was a really nice time.  Clark Griswald finally put our Christmas lights up, as well as the big full beautiful tree that the darn cat won’t stay away from.  I even have some presents wrapped and waiting under the tree, or as my cat likes to think of it, That Wonderful Scratching Post With The Pretty Sparkly Paper That I Must Shred When Nobody Is Looking. 


I have developed a lovely little cold, oh not the nice anonymous nose-cold, no… I’ve got the hacking-like-a-70-year-old-smoker chest cold. The kind that when you cough people around you gag, and say, “Stay away from me.” Thanks, cause I need to be treated like a leper when I’m congested and feeling like crud – it makes me feel so much better.


Um, let’s see what else – oh I’m going to be doing my first ever product review later this week, and there may be something in it for you, if you so choose.  So stay tuned for that.


Oh, this was something else I wanted to talk about:  Over the weekend I saw quite a few people that I hadn’t seen in several months and the reaction from all 4 people was the same, “You look AMAZING! You look so good! What have you been doing? Gosh, I can’t get over how great you look!!!”  Okay, I’ll admit, I love the gushing.  I love to hear people say how pretty I look now and I dig the attention…to a point.  But all this positive attention makes me wonder, was I really such a freaking fat-ass before?  I knew I was chubby (okay fat), but I still had cute hair and my makeup was always done and I dressed as nicely as I could (except for those trips to the grocery store when I hoped I wouldn’t see anyone I knew).  People are treating me differently – they go out of their way to talk to me and I’m getting all kinds of hugs from people. Suddenly, the world wants to be my friend.  I will admit that my self confidence has improved about 100% and maybe that has something to do with all the attention, but sometimes these compliments feel sort of back-handed.  I have two people in my life who have lost significant amounts of weight, and I felt like it was really important to let them know that they were beautiful too before they lost weight, because they were.  No matter how much they weigh, they will always be beautiful women.  I sort of wish someone would tell me that.  So if you see someone who has lost a lot of weight, be sure to let them know that they are beautiful no matter what – it will make their success that much sweeter. 


Here’s another experience I had over the weekend – I bought new bras.  Not only did I buy a new bra, I bought 3 new bras and to make it even better, they were all on sale! Score!  But that’s not my point, my point is that I had to go into the dressing room to try on said bras…a dressing room with 3 way mirrors.  The same dressing room that has brought me to tears on more than one occasion.  The dressing room from hell.  Only this time, it wasn’t hell, it was actually sort of enlightening and dare I say it, enjoyable.  This time I looked at myself objectively, without hatred and self loathing.  Yes, I admitted to myself that I do look better, and yes, I still have a little more ways to go, but being in that dressing room with those mirrors was not the gut-wrenching soul-crushing experience it used to be. It was just a woman in a mirror whose body is not perfect, but that’s okay.  In that reflection I saw all the walks on the treadmill, all the sweaty tshirts, all the fruit and nuts chosen over cookies and candy. And in that reflection I saw the potential for a healthier body, more treadmill walks, more sweat, and possibly some protein shakes in the future.  I left that dressing room with 3 new bras and a peace and satisfaction of things to come.  It was a very good day. 


Well, I hope this long rambly post makes up for the non-posts of the last 7 days.  I’ve got a busy week ahead, but I’m sure I’ll post again in a day or two.  I’ve got lots of catching up to do on your blogs, and now that I can quickly read them all with my shiny new DSL at home, I’ll be visiting you all sometime this week. 


Peace out! 


*I didn’t really stay in bed for several days or wear black.  My mom and my sister did call to give their condolences, though.  🙂



7 thoughts on “And God said, “Let there be DSL in the rural areas.”

  1. Jill, this was just the break I needed. In the middle of a giant clean-up, in order to decorate for Christmas, trying not to be resentful, trying not to think over and over ‘I like having a clean house, but I hate cleaning, and then I checked my email and there was that nice note from you, and then this FUNNY FUNNY blog post–made me LOL out loud again (dogs freaking out again)

    Please don’t ever stop blogging. We will pay you to be funny. Really.

    The whole Clark Griswald/cat/tree/presents paragraph was hilarious. My brother makes me watch that movie every year that I visit for Christmas.

    And seriously…the compliments thing. It used to really bug me, a lot. But I have come to the conclusion that a lot has to do with my confidence level, and being more outgoing and absolutely approachable. And I think I was lucky. Even though I was SO overweight, I still had lots of people tell me how pretty I was. I really am so very blessed to have so many good people in my life.

  2. So many laughs! I love your long rambly posts. Clark Griswald…OMG! Would you send him to my house? I dragged the outside decorations to the front door the day I put up the tree, and DH has yet to put them out. They may sit there all month. I don’t really care, but my daughter sure does.

    Glad they are going to have the D2 concert afterall. Whew!

    I completely understand about the compliments. I felt exactly the same way last year. I loved being fussed over–still do!–but it does feel back handed in a way, even though I know that’s not how people mean it. I just smiled & said thank you & tried not to say too much other than that.

    New clothes are a whole different ball game now, aren’t they? I remember last year when I bought jeans at Old Navy, and a week later had to buy a smaller size because I’d overestimated how big I was, or underestimated how small I was, you know what I mean. Anyway, it was awesome.

    So glad you have high speed now. I can’t imagine dealing with dial up.

  3. this was precisely the post I needed

    I laughed I cried it was better than cats (or, for this jewish woman, Katz)

    a proper fitting.

    some day. perhaps a goal for 2010.

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