The Turkey Report

Hey everyone!!  Hope you all had a great Thansgiving.  I had a good time with my family and even got started on the Christmas shopping.  It was a very nice, very long weekend, but I was ready to get back to work in my nice, quiet office – the kids were driving me crazy yesterday (Can we pleeeeeeeze put up the Christmas stuff mom???  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze?????!!!!!).  I dragged out the big boxes of decorations and now my living room looks like the North Pole exploded in it.  But that’s okay, it’ll all get squared away tonight (even if it kills me). 

Just like everyone else, I ate way too much and slept way too much, but it was totally worth it.  I think I gained about 6 pounds over the long weekend, but lots of water and protein and a few good sweaty walks will get things back to normal, which is good because my pants are really squishing my muffin top today.  Yeah, I exude sexiness.  Nothing hotter than a middle aged muffin top peeking out from too-tight pants, I tell ya!!  Woo!

So I’ve got a post about Christmas presents formulating in my brain, but I don’t have time to post it, so that may have to wait a day or two.  My kids are probably going to be slightly disappointed this Christmas, but oh well, they’ll get over it. 

I watched Elf last night and so all day today I’ve been thinking about that movie.  And wanting to sing really loudly in inappropriate places.  I might have to bust a rhyme in WalMart after work, just to get my Will Ferrell on. 

Have a good day, folks, I’m off to serenade the greeter at WalMart (those people are always so grumpy, I think they could use a little Christmas cheer…and you know the best way to spread Christmas spirit – anyone? Mizfit? )  😉

2 thoughts on “The Turkey Report

  1. Love elf. Trying to decide if there is anything in there which would scar my 3 yo should I let (force? Who can say) her to watch it.

    Me and the cheer? This Jew just walks around smiling, door holding, ANYTHING in a (free) effort to brighten people’s days.

  2. I love Elf, too. I’m scaling way back on gifts to the kids this year. Isn’t everyone? Sadly, just when the economy needs it most, most of us aren’t spending, whether we have the $ or not. And I’m 99% sure all I’m putting up is the tree & the fireplace mantel stuff. I’m just not up to doing the whole house this year. Too much work to take it all down.

    And I hate to say it, but I’m so glad I’m not alone in the muffin top returns state of affairs. Thanksgiving–and all things leading up to it–really took it’s toll on me. Here’s to cleaning up our acts and shedding the pudge.

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