I have so much I would like to blog about today, but just don’t have time.  There are some fabulous posts floating about the nets today and although I would love to give you all a long drawn out synopsis of each of them, The Man pays me to do work instead of blogging.  I’ll just give you all the links and you can make your own informed judgements, but I hope you’ll think they are as great as I do.  So on to the linky love:


This blogger has a great post on battling the scale during the holidays.  Great suggestions for dealing with holiday food and such.  And be sure to read In The Beginning in the left sidebar – so funny!!! 


Another post on keeping it in control during the season of goodies, but this one focuses on staying sugar-free.  There are some great tips in there whether or not you have syrup coursing through your veins (like me).  After you read it, scroll down and read this post about generosity.  It’s not what you think – she talks about being generous to yourself!  This is something I need to contemplate because I am sooo not generous to moi-self.  If I were, I’d be wearing these. 

And one from the lovely Charlotte – great post about making mistakes. And who doesn’t do that???  Lots to learn here. 


Well that’s all I can think of for right now.  If you have read (or written) a post that is particularly thought-provoking, please feel free to share it below.   


Oh and Thursday is the new Friday – I’m sticking it to The Man and taking a day off tomorrow, so I may or may not possibly post tomorrow.  Just depends on how many friends are free for visiting!  =) 


            Check ya layta!!   🙂