Question of the week – this is very important!

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I don’t have much to talk about today because a) I haven’t done anything embarrassing lately and 2) I have a headache that is making it hard to think too much.  So I will ask the most pressing question lingering in brain today:


What do you do for dry hair? 


I told you I’m not thinking too hard today. 


Seriously, my hair is really dry and usually a trip to the salon and my uber-talented stylist would fix me right up, but since I can’t get an appointment for another 2 weeks (Hello Holiday time), I need to come up with an at-home solution.  My hair is shoulder length and very fine, but very dry for some odd reason (it could be the Suave shampoo I’ve been using since my daughter stole my Bath & Body Works shampoo – little thief. But her hair looks great.).  I’m looking for something inexpensive, but pampering at the same time.  Any ideas, oh great readers???  


5 thoughts on “Question of the week – this is very important!

  1. Hi Jill, My hair is not fine and is very thick, but it is dry. When I want to give it an extra treatment, I use that Aussie 3 Minute Miracle. Pretty cheap nowadays. It smells good too.

    I HATE headaches. I use excedrin for that. My family is almost superstitious about it. Hope yours goes away soon.

    I am finding work VERY IRRITATING today, so came over here to amuse myself. Thanks for the funny picture!

  2. I use the Paul Mitchell “leave-in” conditioner. It’s not greasy and you don’t need to use much. It’s pricey, but my daughter and I use it every day and we have had the same bottle for almost a year now.

  3. I was just thinking last night that I needed to buy a little Potion 9 leave in conditioner. A little (but not much) more pricey than the Aussie stuff, but it smells sooooo good! (and works great too:)

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