My demise: brought to you by Google Images

How I felt Saturday after my awesome walk/run:


How I felt after 3 glasses of wine Saturday night:




How I have felt since Sunday morning:


Pity me for one reason and one reason only – it only took 3 glasses of wine to lay me out for 2 days!!

6 thoughts on “My demise: brought to you by Google Images

  1. That’s why I only drink tequila. I got blasted at our Halloween party, and felt nothing the next day. Also? I drink a ton of water before, during, and the next day. Of course, none of this helps you now, oh wine hungover one.

    Truly, I avoid wine b/c it gives me a headache after only 1/2 a glass. It’s a pity really.

    Love the pictures. So funny.

  2. You know what Laura, I’m that same way w/ the margaritas. Usually don’t feel a thing. I was in a wine-y mood Saturday though. I never really got a headache, but I am just WIPED OUT!! Still love my ritas though!!! =)

  3. Hey, you need to join Facebook. All the cool kids are doing it! Seriously, it’s really easy, not a huge time suck if you don’t let it be, and it’s fun to see what little things people talk about. LOTS of bloggers are on it, and it’s a way to get more personal in the minutia of life. Plus you can catch up with people you’ve lost contact with. Come join the dark side, sister!

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