Wow. These last couple of weeks have been trying for sure, but also good.  I’ve learned some things about myself I didn’t know and I remembered a few things I had forgotten too.  Since I’m a little bit crunched for time, I may be skipping around and this might seem a bit rambly, but just go with it okay? 


I took a vacation day on Tuesday and it was one of the best days I have had in a long, long time.  I got to take the kiddos to school (I usually leave for work before they wake up in the mornings, so getting to see them before school was a treat for all of us I think), then watch my daughter walk in the “Vetrinarians” Day parade, have lunch with my husband, and then I cleaned out a closet and sold some clothes to the consignment store for $40.  Nothing big or exciting, but I felt good the whole day and the hubs and I got to spend some time together and it was just a really great day all around.  I think one reason it all went so well is because after I took the kids to school, I came home and instead of doing housework, I took an hour for myself and read a book with a cup of peppermint mocha by my side.  Taking that one hour to do something for me seemed to quiet the bubbling anxiety just under the surface, and allowed me to just enjoy the day.  I will treasure that day for a long time. 


Since that day, I have kept in mind that taking time for me is good for everybody I live with, so I have been using that as an incentive to get on the treadmill.  It really helps keep Mommy Dearest at bay and I can deal with the stress of every day life a lot better.  Last night while I was walking and the tunes were thumping through my skull, I realized that I missed the invincibility and power I feel when I am really working it hard.  (I wish I could do something to remind myself of how great I feel when I work out, so that when I am tempted to slack off – like I have that last couple of months- I can just look at that “something” and say, oh yeah, THAT’S why I work out!!)  I felt it last night and I’m counting on that feeling to keep me coming back for more.  I’m going to try and walk tonight and then again tomorrow because we have a big company dinner planned for Saturday night and I don’t want to feel one bit bad for indulging (I don’t plan on pigging out, but I want to really enjoy my food while I’m there!). 


I haven’t been to an official weigh in with the Nurse Nazi this week, but my scale this morning said…..(wait for it)……151! 


Hello, my name is Stella, and this is me getting my groove back.