Dear Halloween Candy,


Oh what a weekend we had!  Our time together was special wasn’t it?  I mean, I’ve never indulged so much in at least a year.  Our 3 nights and 2 days together was something I won’t soon forget, but I cannot let it go on any longer.  There is such a thing as “too much of a good thing” and Candy, let me tell you, you are too much of a good thing for me.  While our joy was fleeting, I fear the pounds and inches you left on me won’t soon go away, and that is why I must say “No More!”.  It causes me more pain and anguish than you can possibly imagine to have to do this, but I cannot see you anymore. We must part ways, at least for now dear Candy.  I must be strong and take a stand, because my health would surely suffer if we were to continue our tryst.  I’ve worked too hard and too long to be where I am today and I cannot let a little chocolate and caramel detour me off of my path.  But rest assured, my sweet H.C., that I do still love you and will think fondly of you until we can meet again in only 363 short days.  Until then, stay sweet.


Yours forever,