You may now refer to me as EB (Early Bird).


Yes friends, I did it.  Got myself out of bed at 4:35 this morning and ran because I am awesome and have super powers.  Okay I don’t really have super powers and I’m not all that awesome, but I did get up early and get on the tmill.  How did I do it?  All because of one magical number:  9:30.  Okay that’s three magical numbers, but that’s the time I went to bed last night.  I was folding laundry and noticed I still had lots to fold, and then I remembered the dishes in the sink, and instead of killing myself trying to get it all done I just said “screw it” and went to bed at 9:30 because I was TIRED.  I knew it would all still be there in the morning (and it was), so I finished it all up after my run. 



When the alarm went off this morning, I actually felt awake but laid in bed for about 5 more minutes before I got up and got my stuff on.  I had time to drink some coffee and then I grabbed my water and my mp3 player and headed to the garage where my old friend Tready awaited me.  I went ahead and did Day 1 of Week 5 of C25k because there was less changing-things-up than in week 4.  I did great though and other than my treadmill’s computer acting kind of wonky (the display kept showing varying rates of speed), it was all good.  I’m planning on another run on Friday (God willing).



The Costume Update:  the Jedi robe is finished!  Now I just have to sew the tunic and shoulder armor and belts and it will be complete.  I have the pieces already cut out; I just have to sew them together.  It won’t be finished by tonight, but I don’t think the kids are going to go with the neighbors tonight for the Trunk or Treat anyway, so I’ll have tomorrow night to finish it (I can’t work on it tonight because we have church – I’m teaching a class to the 4th-6th graders – scary!).  So I’m satisfied so far with my progress.  I have to admit, as much as I bitched and moaned about having to do this, I have really enjoyed it.  I need to carve out more time for stuff like this – I’m actually thinking  of taking a sewing class at the local VoTech next semester (it’s only a mile from my house – bonus!!). It’s good to have a hobby.



Hope you all have a good HumpDay – only 2 more days til Friday – yay!!