Addicted to love and lip shimmer

This has nothing to do with what I had originally planned to post, but oh well. Here are just a few of my latest addictions:


House (we covered this in my last post)


Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Fig (I’ve applied and reapplied it like, 36 times today)


XM Satellite radio – specifically the Flight 26 channel


My new size 12 Lee Riders with No Gap Waistband!  (Comfy AND cheap)


Grilled chicken (actually anything grilled these days)


Natalie Dee (but you already knew this)




Dole’s new line of salads (I can’t remember the specific name) – they come in all sorts of fun flavors like Autumn Harvest, Asian something, and others that I haven’t tried yet.


Coffee (the old standby)


Sleep (may I never, ever conquer this one!) 



So tell me my friends – what are your current faves?  What are the things you can not live without? 





5 thoughts on “Addicted to love and lip shimmer

  1. That Burt’s Bees stuff sounds yummy.

    Yay for size 12 pants!

    Here’s what I like that I can think of a 4am:

    On TV now: Dancing with the Stars


    Coffee with half and half–I tried to wean myself to f.f. half and half last week, but it takes all the pleasure out of coffee.

    Walnuts–walnuts and fruit, walnuts and yogurt, brownies with walnuts, chocolate chip cookies and walnuts, Mrs. See’s Walnuts…oops, I mean, just walnuts.

    Safeway brand low fat cottage cheese. Trader Joe’s brand low fat Greek style yogurt. Jolly Time Healthy Choice Popcorn.

    Well, I could go on and on, but maybe I’ll continue over on my own blog.

  2. Beef jerky, OMG MizFit cracks me UP!

    I’ll have to try the Fig lip stuff. You know how I am with lip stuff.

    I’m addicted to …
    Alton Brown’s Good Eats. I watch it every night on my DVR. I love him.

    My Ezekial bread french toast, which I could eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Water. Love my water. I just bought two new bottles to try out, since I read that you shouldn’t reuse the plastic throw away bottles b/c of whatever toxins they can leach into your beverage. I’ve been reusing Evian bottles for years! Who knows how much damage I’ve done. I bought a Klean Kanteen (stainless steel) 40 oz bottle and a Camelback (plastic) 1 Liter bottle that’s BPA free. When I decide which one I like best, I’ll buy 2 more of the same. I drink at least 3 Liters of water a day now. Crazy, ain’t it?

    CNBC. It’s on at work all day long. And I listen to it in the a.m. while getting ready for work, and I watch it at night when I can (assuming I can watch something besides Spongebob).

    And blog world, of course!

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