Weekend mojo

Well, I’d like to say I hit it hard and had two days of hard core, heart pumping cardio and am now back in the groove.  I’d like to say that…but…it didn’t turn out exactly that way.


Early Saturday morning (like 3 am early) the hubs got up to go fish in a tournament an hour away, so after kissing him goodbye, I went back to sleep until 4 am when the Priss came in and crawled in bed with me.  For the next 3 hours she tossed and turned and moaned and groaned and whined and cried because her tummy hurt, and she was scared of the dark, and she didn’t like my pillow, and she was thirsty, and she didn’t want the fan on, and she was cold but she didn’t want any covers…by 7 am I had had it and told her to either straighten it up or go back to her own bed – 5 minutes later we were both asleep.  At 9:30 the wee porker was screaming “FEED ME NOW” so I had to get up and bottle feed the demanding feline.  I swear I felt like I had a hangover, without the benefit of a good time the night before.  Have you ever had that no-sleep-hangover?  This one lasted all day long – it took all of my energy just to take a shower.  So, no work out on Saturday, and you better believe I slept like a rock that night. In fact I don’t think I even moved all night long.  Sunday morning I felt better and fully intended to get on the treadmill, so I didn’t shower right away.  Actually I didn’t shower until about 6pm, because I cleaned the house, mopped floors, vacuumed, did laundry, washed the Yukon, vacuumed it out, Armor-Alled it, and then did more laundry.  I never did get on the treadmill, but I feel like I got a workout just from all the cleaning I did!  So I’m not too upset with myself.  At least I was moving and not sunk into the sofa all day (like Saturday). 


My plan is to do early morning walks on Tuesday and Thursday, and maybe longer walks on the weekends.  I got about 3 hours of sleep last night, so I am fo sho going to bed early tonight, so I should be able to get up and get it done early tomorrow.  Could you all just collectively send me some *wake up* vibes tomorrow about 4:45 am??  Thanks, I’d appreciate it! 



I am also having a hard time drinking enough water – all I ever drink is water, so you would think this wouldn’t be a problem, but lately I can go for hours without a drink.  Then all at once I notice that I am dying of thirst and guzzle water like…well, like I’m dying of thirst.  So, in addition to walking regularly, I also need to make sure I’m drinking enough water. 


I feel like this is a test – a test to see if all my healthy changes are going to stick even when life gets in the way.  It is so easy for me to say, “I’ll get to it tomorrow” and then tomorrow turns into next week, etc. if I let it go too long.  Is losing weight really a priority?  Is eating enough veggies and exercising regularly really important to me?  Is being healthy more important than being thin?  I’d like to think so, but honestly my actions (or inactions) lately seem to say otherwise.  Hmmm, I think I need to really explore this question some more, and find out what my real motivations are – more energy or smaller jeans?  That may be a post for another day.


On a lighter note, I think I’m developing a crush on Gregory House, MD.  The hubs even calls him “my boyfriend” because I watch it every chance I get (I am thrilled the show is in syndication!).  I started watching it because I think it’s hilarious that the same actor can play someone as sweet and genuine as Mr. Little, and then be a total (but strangely likeable) asshole as well.  I guess that’s what makes a good actor.  I dig me some Hugh Laurie. 


(found pics on google images – hope I’m not infringing on anyone or anything – pls don’t sue me!)


You know who else I love, and have loved for ages?  Robert Downey, Jr.  Can’t help it.  Yeah, he’s been in and out of rehab and in and out of trouble his whole life, but that dead-pan sarcasm of his really melts my butter, not unlike Gregory House, MD.  Hmmm….sensing a likeness between the two…could it be that I go for sarcastic, dry-witted, smart-asses?  Maybe, but only in my TV fantasy life. 


So who do you love these days?  Not in real life, but in a 16 year old crush kind of way?  C’mon, you know want to dish!!!

10 thoughts on “Weekend mojo

  1. That kind of weekend automatically exempts you from putting in a hard workout. Seriously! And I’ll send you some wake up vibes while I’m snoring away, umkay?

    Man, that whole heathy living vs. being skinny motivation is tricky. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good, but it is weird to feel guilty because that’s your primary motivation, isn’t it? I’m at a healthy weight now, but I want to lose more. For reasons totally unrelated to health. Does wanting to lose 10 more pounds so you can run faster count as a health-related goal? And I also just want my ass to look smaller in the mirror. I mean, really. That’s why I want to lose more. My butt’s still to big!

    LOVE Robert Downey Jr. I’m not crazy about his goatee in IronMan, though. I love that he’s made a major come back in the past few years. Did you ever see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? It’s a fun movie with him in it that’s kind of a sleeper.

    My crush is the guy who plays Don Draper on Mad Men (Jon Hamm). He is an absolute dream.

  2. I can totally relate to the no sleep hangover, they suck! Always when you have good intentions of getting up early to pound the pavement too. Right now I just love: Hugh Laurie is awesome, the guy from Dark Angel, Michael Weatherly, and the new guy who popped into Grey’s Anatomy, Kevin McKidd (also from Made of Honor). He is very hot. And of course there is always Sting 🙂

  3. I HATE the no-sleep hangover! I had to laugh, I’m reading this yesterday and I got to your description of ‘the wee porker’ and I thought, geesh that’s not really a very nice thing to call one of her kids, but I guess its an accurate description, the way he’s screaming FEED ME NOW, and then I got to the ‘bottle feed the demanding feline.’ Haha! Funny how you can have all those thoughts while reading one sentence.

    Well, I’m not sure its a crush exactly, but I LOVE Adrien Monk and The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan. I look forward to the next season being on DVD, and order each tape from netflix and savor each one, and then I’m sad when they are gone.

    I also joke about ‘being in love’ with some of my favorite authors Dallas Willard ‘The Divine Conspiracy, (about 70 and married) and Donald Miller ‘Blue Like Jazz’ (30 something.) Have you ever read Donald Miller–He is REALLY funny, I think you might like him.

  4. I started watching HOUSE a few weeks back and love it too.

    I used to set a timer – to remember to drink water. It helps if it is a stand alone timer (NOT the one on the stove) so that you are not pulling yourself in the kitchen constantly.

    I had a friend that loved cold water (I like room temp) and she used to fill her containers and put them in the refrigerator each night for the next day. Her deal with herself was that she HAD to empty all the containers by the time she went to bed – after a couple nights of standing in her PJ’s chugging – she learned to remember during the day.

    That would NOT work for me – I do the majority of my drinking early in the day and do not eat or drink after dinner (I can make it all night without a potty wake that way).

    I keep cases of water bottles all over – under my nightstand, upstairs landing, bathroom, trunk of my car.

    The most effective thing I have found so far – I link a daily activity with water – drink a big glass on the way to school each day (to drop off car pool), take two water bottles in to yoga studio with me and drink them before I leave (one after free weights class and second one after yoga), drink another big glass on the way to pick kids up after school, etc. As you can imagine – drinking is hard on the weekends – because my routine changes. . .

  5. Ok
    I’m officially the last person on EARTH who has never ever seen an episode of House.

    (Um yes. And must ask: you walk yesterday?)


    Your Self Appointed Accountability Peep

  6. Just a quick note: did you know Hugh Laurie was also on a British series called “Wooster and Jeeves”? My friend’s son is crazy ab/ it and I watch it every time I visit her, with him. I think you can get it thru NetFlix. Laurie is a playboy who has a butler who always gets him out of whatever bind he’s in. So Laurie is the idiot and the butler is the smart one. Quite funny if you like British humor….

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