Here I am!

Hey y’all!  Didn’t mean to neglect my little blog -just been extra busy this week.  End of month at work means furiously entering in orders before the cut off; helping out at church on Wednesday nights means cutting out spinners for games; and rescuing kittens means A LOT of time and attention focused on bottle feeding the wee little porker.  Yes, I rescued a kitty that was on the railroad tracks near my workplace – and the local shelter wouldn’t take him (long story), so being the softy (read:idiot) that I am, I brought the ittybittykitty home with me.  I am a kitty-virgin and know nothing about cats, so I called my VetDoctor friend and she told me what to do until I could get him in to the office.  Oh, by the way, my 3 year old named her Princess Rosella until we found out yesterday she is a he, so now his name is Smokey (cuz he’s gray).  I took some pics of him, but I forgot the all important usb cable, so I can’t upload the photos just yet. I’ll try and do that this weekend. 

I have to say, I have never been a cat person.  I’m a dog person.  I have always had dogs and I love dogs.  However, once you see this little guy’s face, you will understand why I now own a cat.  You cannot resist the cute, trust me.  Even my boss, who is a self proclaimed cat-hater, plays with little guy every day. I bring him to work with me because I have to bottle feed him several times a day for at least the next two weeks (the vet thinks he’s about 3 weeks old).  It hasn’t been a problem, and my boss totally understands.  I have a great boss!  And the kitty got a fairly clean bill of health – considering the circumstances.  He’s on some antibiotics just to be safe, and a wormer medicine, then in 3 weeks he will get his first round of shots.  I was a little concerned about rabies, but the vet said he should still be protected by his mama’s antibodies, so she wasn’t too concerned about it.  *whew*

I also have been preoccupied with the impending high school reunion next summer. Why be preoccupied now?  Because the organizers have set up a website where alumni can post their pictures and send messages to each other.  People I haven’t thought about in years are suddenly at the forefront of my mind, and I have reconnected with some long lost childhood friends.  I will admit, I’m having a blast walking down memory lane!  Also at the forefront of my mind is the fact that I now have 9 months to get my rear (and the rest of me) in shape.  I have no delusions that I will be the hottest hottie at the reunion, but I fo sho want to look as good as I can.  Already I’m getting messages from guys that I was certain didn’t know my name in high school, but they certainly seem to know now, which I find strange. 

So anyway, that’s what’s going on with me right now.  Maintaining the 154 right now, although I haven’t walked in a week – gotta get back to that asap!  I didn’t even have time to go weigh in this week, so I will have to make time for it next week. 

For what it’s worth, I have been checking on your blogs and commenting once in a while, just didnt’ have time to sit down and formulate a post of my own.  I’ll be back to my regular posting next week, unless I find a baby bunny or something else to rescue.

5 thoughts on “Here I am!

  1. Glad you posted! I can’t believe you are a Mama Cat. She/he has totally imprinted on you, I’m sure. Cats are great for kids, esp. kittens for little girls. What an amazing boss you have. Can’t wait for pics.

    I’ve always been a cat person, but now I’m pretty much anti-animal in the house even though we have a dog and a cat. I’m just so tired of the litter box (b/c we don’t have a good place for it in the house, really, not b/c of the cat) and the dog barks at me anytime the kids misbehave and I have to yell at and/or talk sternly to them! I don’t like my dog sassing me, not at all.

    Class reunion? Oy. You know, I’ve never been to one. Didn’t go to 5 or 10, and we didn’t have a 15 or 20. Probably will never have one. Oh well. YOU will be hot, mama!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Ha Ha, very funny telling me to get back to posting a blog. First I was going to say I lost my mojo (is that what the cool kids say?) but then I thought, no, it’s that I lost my muse–you know, that’s the root of the word ‘amuse.’ Yah, SOMEBODY stopped amusing me, and I just didn’t want to blog anymore. Ho Ho Har Har…Well, really, I’ve just had a really busy mixed up week, and I was trying to prioritize and do the most important things. And yet, my house still hasn’t been cleaned. Aaargh. I’ll try to post something tomorrow. It’s kinda weird, you go through the week, thinking Oh, I must write about that, oh, don’t forget to talk about that, and then you get to the computer and its a lot easier to just read what other people are writing. Of course, its a lot more fun to read what other people are writing when the funny people actually write something. But don’t worry about me. Its not like I ate a whole chocolate cake because there was nothing funny to read on the internet or anything.

    Seriously Jill, I get a kick out of kidding around with you. And a cat…I like cats okay. Actually, I like the idea of cats more than I like actual cats. But at one time I had 15 cats around here. And no, they were not all in the house, and I am not one of those crazy cat ladies on the tv set. However, I might soon qualify as one of those crazy dog ladies on the tv set–my dogs ate my third Bible this week. Don’t ask–see the above note about the house not being cleaned.

    Well, I guess the length of this post is a reminder of why you pushed me into starting my own blog! But seriously, I can’t blather on and on like this on my blog. It just wouldn’t be fitting.

    BTW, I like your new subtitle–what’s that quote from? My guess would be the 6 Million Dollar Man?

  3. DingDingDing!! You are right Debby – it is from the Six Million Dollar Man! You win…um…nothing, but isn’t fun to know you were right?! 😉

  4. I have my high school reunion next summer too! Which is why I’m doing WW now to get ready for it. I may not be the hottest hottie there, but I want to give it my best!

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