This post has nothing to do with exercising or losing weight or food or any of that, so if you want to skip it, go ahead.  You won’t hurt my feelings.


The hubs and I have hit a rough patch the last few weeks (months) and things were getting pretty tense and miserable at the homestead.  Things finally came to a head early this week and we had a good fight, then a good talk, and then we kissed and made up, and kissed and made up some more ;). 


The problem?  A very common one – we took each other for granted, and stopped putting each other first.  He was caught up in his work and his hobbies, and I was caught up in work and the kids and the house and the laundry and church and everything else.  I had thrust him to the bottom of my list and thought he was okay with that.


He wasn’t. 


Like I said, we had a good talk and made some compromises, and promised each other that we would make time for us.  I get the kids to bed a little earlier in the evening and he has cut back on his hobbies, and it has made all the difference in the world. Remembering that we are still a couple within a family has helped us reconnect on a deeper level.


My point in mentioning this is to remind all of you to not take for granted the ones you love.  We’ve all heard it before, but I think we need a reminder once in a while.  Do something nice for your husband and see if it doesn’t affect you as well.  It makes everything seem a little easier when you remember that the one you love is on your side in the midst of the chaos.