Can’t even think of a title for this post

Go on over to MizFit (if you haven’t already) and read her post today.  Excellent post about gratitude – she’s gotten a bazillion comments already and it’s just 2:00 (CST).  Oh, and she’s got a cool giveaway to go with it.


Here’s a few things I’m grateful for: my husband, who is the love of my life; my kids; my family; my health; my job; good chocolate; coffee; shoes; and books.  There are many many things I’m grateful for, but these are the ones swirling about in my little world right now. 


What are you grateful for?




I’m going to be totally honest here; I’m running out of things to say.  Blogging doesn’t have an urgency anymore like it used to and more often than not, I find myself starting a post and then staring at the screen for several minutes wondering what I should write about.  Weight loss is going well, so there’s no angst over that, I’m having a great time finding forgotten treasures in my closet that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time, and I’m walking and exercising regularly.  I just can’t seem to make the mundane details of my life funny or interesting lately (not that they ever were before).  Still not sure if a blogging break is in order, just maybe a new passion.  Something to pique my interest is what I’m after I suppose.  Anyone else feeling this way???


6 thoughts on “Can’t even think of a title for this post

  1. I feel that way every day around 3pm…and 9am and….7pm…ok all the time. Then I started planning a killer vacation, finally did my spring-cleaning in September and the trying on old clothes rings a bell. Just wish my old jeans would fit so I wouldn’t have to go jean shopping again.

  2. Please don’t go away… You don’t have to be funny or entertaining all the time. I like the mundane details. =)

    Most days, I don’t have anything interesting either. I just start typing and what is really a journal/diary entry is my blog. People can read, or not. It’s my way of brain dumping and it is my therapy in many ways. I’m not trying to be a MizFit or a Roni. They are AMBITIOUS and so helpful with their tips. But that’s not my thing. It’s just boring old me.

    You do what you need to, girlfriend, but it won’t be the same if you take too much of a break. HUGS.

  3. Hi Miss Jill! I’ve been gone for 3 days and I missed reading your blog. But its funny you say that about not wanting to blog, because I have only been doing it for a short time, but sometimes I feel like that too. But the trouble is, you feel like you’ve developed some friendships through this blogworld, and you don’t want to lose them. Did you read Crabby Mc.’s blog on how she felt about blogging? Anyways, don’t go away. I think the trouble is, you are the funniest when you are making fun of your failures, and you are being so successful now, you don’t have any funny material! What a problem to have. Maybe I’ll feed you some material about my failures-haha!

  4. I’m new, but just a thought…maybe have someone guest post? Or a week of guest posters?

    Every once in a while my husband “fills” in for me and somehow, that re-energizes me–especially ’cause he always gets a ton more comments than I do !! 🙂

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