Chocolate makes you smart and sexy!!

If you don’t believe me, you can just ask Merry at Cranky Fitness.  Who am I to argue with such sound statistics???

I didn’t realize I hadn’t posted since Monday.  My mood is lighter today and thankfully I didn’t have to shoot anyone to get it that way.  I think part of the reason I feel better is that I’m taking a vacation day tomorrow, so Thursday is the new Friday (at least for this week).  Tonight is high school football game and tomorrow is an outing with the kiddos (they’re out for parent/teacher conferences tomorrow).  So my weekend essentially starts today at 3:30 – woohoo for 3 day weekends!!

I’ve been walking every morning and guzzling water and staying on track food-wise, so I hope the scale gods will be kind to me tomorrow when I go weigh in.  I have been stuck at 157 for the last 4 weeks and I’m ready to see 155.  That will put me 10 pounds away from my goal weight.  I have played around with the idea of getting down to 135, but really I may just be done once I get to 145, because, ugh – thinking about losing another 20 pounds wears me out.  However the always anxiety-producing 20 year high school reunion is next summer and although I’d like to think I’m above all that, honestly I’d like to be smokin hot when I go, so I may have to keep on keepin on in losing-weight-mode.  Yeah, vanity and ego and fear are big motivators for me!

I think once I hit goal, I’ll start strength training, just to have something new and different to add to Maintenance.  I know, I know, if I start working out with weights now I’ll lose the weight faster, but I’m just not feeling it yet.  I need something to look forward to, kinda like Phase 2 of Rebuilding Jill (Phase 1 being the weight loss). 

Hmmm, that gives me an idea – new tagline, anyone?

5 thoughts on “Chocolate makes you smart and sexy!!

  1. Great job girl! You’ll get to 145, and then live with it for a while. Do the weight training thang, let your body get used to 145, and then if you feel like it in 6 months (or whatever), lose more. That’s the way it worked for me, anyway. I got to the lower weight, and now, at last, almost a year later, I’m ready to get to the (hopefully it will be enough) next lower weight. It’s weird to have no concept of whether I’ll be at a happy weight at 145 or 140 or 135 or 130. I just don’t know. Right now there is still way too much fat in my belly, mostly, that I want GONE. If my stomach fat were to disappear magically, I’d settle for where I am now, saddle bags & all. I just can’t stand the mommy pooch any longer. Ugh.

  2. Congratulations on your loss!

    I think is great that you are still looking at adding new things to your program even when you get to the maintenance phase. For me, variety is so important.

  3. Hi Jill, I think it is perfectly smart to do the weight lifting once you get to goal. Sometimes it is just too much to think about changing so many things at one time. I know I talked about the benefits of weight lifting for almost a year before I ever lifted one!

    Isn’t an extra unexpected day off just the best?

    And Rebuilding Jill. It has a nice ring to it.

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