…still pissy. 

Had some great moments though – currently wearing pants that I bought 3 years ago when I lost weight after #3 was born.  Wearing them for first time today -yeah baby.

Decluttered the shizz outta my house Saturday.  Just got so sick of all the STUFF everywhere and so I went on a rampage and cleaned out every closet and drawer I could get my hands on.  My house is like the Junk Channel – All Junk, All the Time.  I mean really, does anyone need 6 huge flower vases??? NO!  And how many Barbies does one (okay2) little girls need????  I mean, COME ON!!  I did feel a little better after my cleaning tirade, so that was good.

I decided the afternoon work outs are not working out for me right now, so I’m back to early morning walks on the treadmill.  It’s nice to have it done for the day and not have to think about it anymore. 


Still pretty much pissed at the world right now.  I expect this to last until Saturday.  So feel free to skip reading my blog this week, unless you just are really into bitching and griping, in which case I will be more than happy to oblige you.