Somebody better get me a midol and a margarita or there’s gonna be trouble…

I am really annoyed with work today, but I am not going to blog any details.  Just know that I am really really really annoyed. 

I could be a grown up and just deal with the situation, but what I really feel like doing is stomping my foot, folding my arms, and holding my breath until I turn blue until I get my own way.  Yeah, I feel like being a big baby about the whole thing, so what? 

And the thing that is annoying me so badly?  A very small insignificant petty thing, but I am really annoyed. Not even mad, just roll-the-eyes-because-it’s-totally-what-I-knew-would-happen frustrated. 

Did I mention that I am also PMSing like a mofo????




ETA :  I got my way-ay, I got my way-ay!!  You can not ignore the power of the pms vibe!!!  (insert evil laugh here) hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Somebody better get me a midol and a margarita or there’s gonna be trouble…

  1. Poor you. It’s always the little things, isn’t it. And PMS bites. Right there with ya (but what do you call mid cycle syndrome? It’s as bad for me in the middle as it is at PMS).

    I don’t work in a big office environment any more–it’s just me, DH, another broker & his assistant (who I love)–but we rent space in a 2 story building and have half the upstairs. A few days ago the owner of the building came and talked with me about not using the microwave to cook my food any more. It’s “not allowed” and really has never been allowed for his employees. There’s a kitchen in the basement of the building where all the food cooking is done. The microwave in the hallway (in between our half and the other half) is strictly for beverages and the occasional pop corn (which some people find offensive but not that offensive).

    Since I’ve been on this new diet, I’ve been nuking broccoli every afternoon. And apparently the smell is too much for the delicate natures of his employees. And more than one person complained (!). So I have to go down two flights of steps, warm up my food, and walk back up two flights of steps to eat lunch at my desk, which I do every single day.

    I don’t mind the steps–I can run 13.1 miles, afterall! It’s the f-ing principle of the thing. What’s wrong with broccoli? I don’t bitch about the guys who wear two much cologne that I have to smell on the stair way. I don’t bitch about the women who don’t change the toilet paper roll in the bathroom. I don’t bitch about the donuts & cookies & cakes that are left in the kitchenette.

    I hate people sometimes.

    So, I’m off to warm up my food in the basement. Grrrrr.

    Hope you get out of there soon. At least it’s Friday.

  2. Laura – you and i need to meet for margaritas and good bitch session after work today!!!! Why the hell have a microwave if you’re not going to heat up food with it???? Stupid people!!

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