I am really annoyed with work today, but I am not going to blog any details.  Just know that I am really really really annoyed. 

I could be a grown up and just deal with the situation, but what I really feel like doing is stomping my foot, folding my arms, and holding my breath until I turn blue until I get my own way.  Yeah, I feel like being a big baby about the whole thing, so what? 

And the thing that is annoying me so badly?  A very small insignificant petty thing, but I am really annoyed. Not even mad, just roll-the-eyes-because-it’s-totally-what-I-knew-would-happen frustrated. 

Did I mention that I am also PMSing like a mofo????




ETA :  I got my way-ay, I got my way-ay!!  You can not ignore the power of the pms vibe!!!  (insert evil laugh here) hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!