DietGirl left a comment on my blog!!!!  DietGirl left a comment on my blog!!!!!

It’s like in junior high when one of the popular kids says “hi” to you in the hallway – and you didn’t  know they even knew your name!! 


Hi Shauna!!  Thanks for stopping by!!  =)


Okay for those of you who have been tirelessly  searching, here it is:



Yeah, this is definitely MY song!!!  Grrrr!

5 thoughts on “OMG!OMG!OMG!

  1. Umm, Jill, I think the proper response is a toss of your head, sweep back your luxurious bangs, and casually say, ‘Hey.’ Then walk on down the hall as casually as you can. (These instructions are for Jr. High or Blogland, wherever you happen to be in your life.)

    But I’m with you baby. I think I would pee my pants if Dietgirl visited my blog. And if she wants to test that theory, she can visit, and I’ll tell her and the whole world whether or not I peed my pants. (Of course, you know that’s not that rare of an occurrence–see comment under your post Superstar, July 8–one of your funniest posts ever.)

  2. LOVE the hair band. OMG, so funny.

    I totally want to go to a Blog Her conference just so I can rub elbows with the famous bloggers. Shauna went to the one in Chicago last year (not sure if she’s ever coming back here to the US, but I’m sure eventually she will), and Pasta Queen has gone to the past two.

    Would it just not be an absolute freaking blast to have a meet up of all us diet blogger friends at a Blog Her conference in 2009?!!!

  3. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! I was going to say that about meeting at a Blog Her conference this morning, but thought, no wait for another day to mention that!

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