Hold that boom box a little higher, would ya?

Feeling a little frisky today – it’s 60 degrees right now and these first few days when Autumn finally starts peeking through the Summer curtain makes me giddy with anticipation of new jeans and boots and caramel scented candles.  LOVE. IT.


I was taking a glance at DietGirl’s blog this morning and she brought up the question of what would your fight song be?  You know, those first few seconds when fighter is introduced and they play a snippet of some bad-ass song that gets everyone pumped?  Yeah, that’s a fight song.  So of course I was thinking about what my bad-ass song would be and here’s just a few that came to mind rather quickly:



The Police’s Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

U2’s Mysterious Ways

Coldplay’s Speed of Sound

Maybe even Abba’s Dancing Queen (not really for fighting, but I love this song anyway)


But really, the song that makes me want to smoke cigarettes and get a tattoo is The Cult’s Fire Woman.  This is the song my roomie D and I used to play when we were getting ready to go man hunting out on the town.  This song brings back the fondest of memories and it’s totally kick ass. 


Now if I were really blog-talented I would embed a 30 second mp3 of these songs for your listening pleasure, but since I’m not, I won’t.  You can run a Google search of these songs and I’m sure somewhere out there is a sample of the songs, if you feel so inclined to spend the time to find them.  Or you can just tune in to your local classic rock station and most likely find them there. 


So what would your song be?  It doesn’t even have to be a fight song; let’s say you want to hire someone to walk around behind you with a giant boom box over their heads playing your theme song everywhere you go.  What would that song be? 


In completely unrelated news, I told the hubs about my blog last night.  I thought that he at least should know, so I fired up the computer and brought up my site.  He asked what it was and I told him it was a weight loss blog, I write about weight loss and people comment on it, etc.  He said, “So you write little stories?”  “No, not really stories, I just talk about weight loss.”  He mumbled something about “weird” and “need to get a new girlfriend” as he headed to bed.  I’ll make him sit down and read some posts so he can get an idea of what this is all about, but for now he just thinks I’m crazy – which is nothing new. 😉  I’m glad that he knows it’s out there now anyway. 


In other completely unrelated news, there are 109 shopping days until Christmas.  Yeah, I know…me too. 



9 thoughts on “Hold that boom box a little higher, would ya?

  1. My husband blogs, but I don’t think he quite gets my weight loss blog. But he does see me losing weight, so he hasn’t completely written it off! lol 😉

  2. I love Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten. I don’t know if it’s a fight song, but it says a lot about how I think about myself right now.

    I love this time of year too. Cannot wait to get out there and run in this cool weather. That is the best.

    And Christmas? I KNOW! It might as well just be here already, that’s how fast it will be December.

  3. Okay Jill, Having just spent WAY too long trying to find Fire Woman so I could listen to your lyrics…I guess I will say my song will be ‘She’s a Brick House’. I’m not sure which version it was, but I actually heard it when [can’t remember his name] a Canadian ice skater did a routine to it, and I loved it! Anyways, without spending a lot of time thinking about it, I guess that will do. I AM a brick house. Very determined, and a little bit pushy…now, maybe I’ll finally LOOK at that kickboxing DVD I bought on your recommendation.

    I really laughed when I read your list of songs, and the only one I knew was Dancing Queen by Abba. I love that song too, I like a lot of Abba songs. Did you see that new movie? I wanted to go, but then didn’t see much about it.

    I LOVE caramel scented candles too! I just bought myself one the other day–Butterscotch Cream Pie–can you believe they even make this stuff? Maybe I’ll light it tonight and pretend its Fall weather here. I am jealous of all you bloggers who mention fall weather–it was 101 when I walked out of work the other day at 8 pm!!!

    And Christmas??? Aaargh. I am seriously considering not entering stores from Oct. 1 – Dec. 31. Just call me the grinch. I’m really not, but I sure don’t like what our society does with it…

  4. Seriously you’ve been blogging for a year and your husband didn’t have a clue? Sounds like my husband, hehe.
    I live in south florida and the only way we know that winter is coming, is the license plates change to “new york” or “new jersey”.
    I would have to say that my fight song could be any of the following : Aerosmith “Back in the saddle”, The Clash “Rock the Cashbah”, George Thorogood “Bad to the Bone”, Rolling Stones “Jumpin Jack Flash”, Shania Twain “Rock this Country” or Talking Head “Psycho Killer” or “Burning Down the House” or Van Halen “Dreams” (a little soft though). Just my thoughts 🙂

  5. 🙂 i didn’t tell my fella about my blog for 18 months so you’re not alone there!

    i have to download this Fire Woman song, you’ve got me dying of curiosity!

  6. **wait** he didn’t know about the blog?!

    My hubby wishes he didn’t know about MizFit.

    M., who is jealous of your sixty degree temp. In a BIGBAD way.

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