Once upon a time there was a fat mom who was tired of being fat.  She searched the internet for solutions to her fatness, and she stumbled upon something called a BLOG.  As she clicked around, she found more and more of these weight loss BLOGS.  She was attracted by the honesty and humanness of these writings.  “You mean there are others out there who struggle like I do?” she wondered.  “There are others out there who eat the last piece of cake just to get it out of her house? Someone other than me has failed Weight Watchers more than once? Other women find it hard to stick to an exercise routine too????”  She couldn’t believe it.  It was like free therapy!!   This chubby mom got brave and started leaving comments on weight loss posts, and pretty soon she decided that she needed her own blog, because her comments were sometimes a bit long and she always wanted to talk more about her experiences and thoughts about the soul-crushing torture known as weight loss. So this not-so pleasantly pump mom got herself a blog and she called it “The Sassy Pear” because she herself was a pear shape, and she considered herself to be a tad bit sassy on her best days.  She didn’t tell anyone in her real life about the blog, because honestly she didn’t think it would last very long. How can someone write about losing weight day after day?  (Ha!)


She started writing and couldn’t believe how fun it was to have a place to record her thoughts and feelings.  A place to share her joys and successes, a place to bitch and moan, a place just to think out loud and figure things out through various keystrokes. Soon, people were leaving comments on her blog, too and before long, she became friends with other bloggers.  These blogging buddies became some of her best supporters, even though they had never met face to face.  She realized that she would have given up this weight loss gig a long time ago had it not been for the women who encouraged her to never give up, ever.   

But surprise! She started to lose weight.  Through a lot of trial and error, she finally found something that worked.  So the fat mom is now the slightly-overweight-mom, and she knows that she owes a lot of that to this super great blogging community and its awesome authors. 


So on the first anniversary of her very first post in the blogosphere, this mildly pudgy mom would like to say that she is so very glad to have found this “hobby” and the people involved in it (you know who you are!!). 


Now, where’s my blog’s birthday cake?