Thinkin out loud


·         Bad puffy feeling finally gone.  Scale back to normal.  Just didn’t have the cajones to go weigh in yesterday afternoon, but bathroom scale surprisingly kind today. 

·         Feeling super sucky bc I told Laura I would get up at 4:45 this AM to work out – the same time she had planned to run.  Did I get up?  No.  Did I get up 15 minutes later than normal, thus making my morning a mad rush to get out the door on time? Yes.

·         Having major hair issues these days.  Want long hair, but hair gets stringy after 30 minutes.  Would I be a major dork if I got a perm???  I loves me some curls.



No, not these curls!!!                                         More like these curls



·         I love coffee.  Just plain ole cream and sugar coffee.  Okay well it’s actually sugar –free nondairy creamer and splenda, but you get the idea.

·         I figure if I’m going to go against my own wishes and consume 2 or 3 of the cheap store brand chocolate fudge cookies (think chocolate oreos), then I should just go ahead and get the cookies I really want and fully enjoy them instead of feeling guilty for something that I wanted to do anyway.  Nutter Butters, you have been warned.

·         The hubs wants to do “something” this weekend because it’s a long weekend.  I want to pretty much redecorate my whole entire house.  I don’t think that’s what he has in mind.  His “something” involves a boat.  My “something” involves paint and a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond.  Who will win?  Stay tuned…

·         Have declared this weekend to be the start of Super Healthy September.  Will commit try to walk 2 miles at least 4 days/week and drink lots of water.  Will make an effort to include more veggies – have really been slacking lately.  Would really like to lose another 20 pounds in 6 months before I’m 80.

·         You know why I love Fridays?  Because I don’t have to set my alarm when I go to bed.  I loathe my alarm clock.  If I could wake up to classical music and birds and bunnies gently pulling back my covers and opening my blinds…I’d be a much happier person in the mornings.

·         I had to go the post office yesterday afternoon and right beside the post office is a Braum’s Ice Cream Store.  In line in front of me were two other slightly chubby mom-types. I suddenly got the feeling that I shouldn’t be there, that all the other patrons would think that we (the Chubby Mom Club) should quit eating ice cream and go to the gym instead. Never mind the fact that the other patrons were also chubby, but  I left there, cone in hand, with my head down and eyes lowered, feeling a little guilty – almost as if I had just left an adult video store and didn’t want anyone to see my porn or something.  It was a weird experience, but the Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate was yummy. 

·         No, I have never bought porn, from an adult video store or anywhere else for that matter.  Just wanted to clarify.

·         Although the volleyball scene in Top Gun does it for me BIG TIME. Go to You Tube and pull it up. You won’t be disappointed. 

·         Going to Wendy’s for lunch today with the coworkers. Will be scarfing a  Frosty in 2 hours and 8 minutes.  Will have brain freeze in 2 hours and 9 minutes.


                                                                 Soon you will be mine…all mine.

·         Remember how I said a while back that I didn’t really like ice cream?  Um…yeah, forget I said that, k?  

·         Worked my azz off yesterday and still have To Do list 10 items deep. Guess I should get it done so it isn’t staring me in the face first thing Tuesday morning. So ready for the long weekend.

·         Hope you all have a good weekend!!  See ya on Tuesday, unless I have time to post this weekend, which will be a SURPRISE post, which it won’t really be a surprise now cause I just told you.  So maybe I won’t post at all.  So there.

4 thoughts on “Thinkin out loud

  1. Thanks for posting Jill! Now that I’ve had my morning laugh, maybe I can move away from the computer and get something accomplished today! Totally love your weight loss goal (by the time I’m 80)–that’s what I need to do, just readjust my thinking. Let’s see, at that rate, I need to lose approximately 0.2 pounds a month–now THAT I think I can do!

    Alarm clocks–just wrote a comment about that over on Joy’s blog. I NEVER set it except on the days I work. Very enjoyable. I have to say, even without an alarm, I always wake up pretty early.

    Braum’s Ice Cream—MANY happy memories for me. My favorite was their German Chocolate–mmmm. Funny you should mention the Wendy’s frosty. I have found that my most favorite treat lately is a soft serve chocolate ice cream cone, and just yesterday when I drove by Wendy’s (which I used to stop at EVERY day on my way home from work) I thought, hey, they have soft serve chocolate ice cream. Since I am only trying to lose 0.2 pounds a month now, I could probably have one once in a while.

    Oh yeah, the main thing I wanted to say was, you have set me into a tailspin of anxiety and self-doubt—am I a DORK because I have a perm??? LOL!!! Anyways, I do have a perm, and I have a gal that does one that lasts forever (I’m a cheapskate when it comes to my hair) and also looks and feels pretty natural. I’ve had a (not so secret) envy of Diana Ross’s hair forever. And I was crushed a few years ago when a black friend of mine told me that was not all her own hair.

  2. NO! I don’t think you are a dork for having a perm!!! I was just asking if I would look like a dork with a perm! I had a perm about 3 years ago, but it only lasted for 4 months. The time before that, I had a perm in high school and I swear the thing lasted for years. My hair is so super fine that if it gets any amount of length on it, it goes all flat and stringy. So I am wondering if I should take the leap and get one so I too can have big bouncy swingy hair! That’s all I meant about that.
    Relax girl, you know you are super cool!! =)

  3. Hi Jill. So glad you posted today. I love catching up with you!

    Ha, I didn’t get up at 4:45 a.m. either. Had something to do with (a) falling asleep on the couch & waking up at 2 a.m. and eating junk and (b) waking up again at 3 a.m. for Luke who needed his nose wiped and a diaper change and (c) not falling back to sleep very well after either wake up call. It just wasn’t happening for me. So you are not alone in your sleep-in-ness.

    And, I swear, I wish we lived in the same town because we have so much in common.

    I have very similar hair to yours, I think. The strands are fine, even though I have a lot of hair, and I really can’t let it grow below my shoulders or it looks stringy and dull. As much as I want long, sexy, skinny girl hair, I’ll be forever stuck with the boring old bob, I’m afraid. If you get that perm, let me know. Have they improved them from the bad old days of frizzies? Because my hair doesn’t hold perms well, either. Too poofy, then too frizzy. Ugh.

    Well, on that note, hope you get to redecorate! =)

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