My IQ went up 30 points AND I got a new boyfriend

     Here’s me in my boring old frames…

I'm sad - this is my sad face
I’m sad…this is my sad face.


   Here’s me in my Funky Fresh new frames!!

I'm so smart!!


Okay so maybe they aren’t that funky, but they are quite a change for me.  The hubs said I looked smart in them and I said “By smart, do you mean nerdy?”  He said no.  🙂  So far everyone likes them, or they are lying to spare my feelings, either way I’m cool with it because I love ’em!!
And speaking of new and fabulous, I have a new boyfriend…
His name is Yukon.
This is just a picture that I got from here, but mine looks just like this one.  Yes, we are some of those crazy people who ran out and got an SUV for a steal, while all the smart people are trading them in for more economical vehicles.  But, when the hubs and I compared what he wanted out of a vehicle (it has to be able to pull a boat) with what I wanted (to be able to haul the kids and the rest of the neighborhood around), this sort of fit the bill for both of us.  It is really nice on the inside – leather seats, 3rd row seating, dvd player, all the bells and whistles you could ever want!  Well, okay it doesn’t come with a margarita maker, but I guess that probably wouldn’t be such a great idea anyway.  I am extremely happy with it and feel like a pimp-daddy whenever I’m driving around town with the bass thumping the beat of the classic top 40 station I’ve been listening to lately (I know, I’m such a mom!).   Love it!!  
I walked another 2 miles last night and eating has been on track this week so far as well.  I’m hoping for a favorable number on the scale this week.  I would totally dig it if I could get into the 150’s.  How cool would that be?! 
Okay well that’s all I got for now.  Hope you all have a great day!   =)

13 thoughts on “My IQ went up 30 points AND I got a new boyfriend

  1. Good morning, Jill! Very cool glasses. Your sad face is so funny. I have taken some of myself like that with the camera in my computer when I am extremely tired. They are actually quite scary. Anyways, your cool glasses are MUCH cooler than my cool glasses. AND your car! WOW! I drove to work behind a yukon today, and I was thinking about how comfortable they are to drive in!

    Sounds like you are right on to lose some more weight this week!

  2. I HIGHLY approve of the new glasses. You do look smarter, in both senses of the word. Now I’m all fired up about going to look for some “smart” reading glasses on line. Thoses are REALLY hard to come by…

    Also love the Yukon. My husband just bought a convertible, and suprisingly enough my recent blog was about swanning around in it with friends. Cars can make people happy, they really can! (And we are otherwise exceptionally frugal.)

  3. Hi Ladeez!!

    Debby – you have a camera in your computer? That’s major coolness! Start snapping some pics of yo-self and post em on your blog!!

    Alicia – how are ya? I think about you a lot and hope things are getting better for you. And yes, my boyfriend is ever so dreamy, isn’t he?!

    Melissa – Hi! Welcome to the ‘Pear!!

  4. Hey Crabby – you snuck in on me whilst I was typing! Yeah, I’m gonna write to GM about installing a ‘rita machine. some things should just come standard ya know.

  5. Jill, you are such a cutie. Love the new frames. Funny “before” shot!

    So glad you finally got a new car. (And I won’t make any political statements here, b/c that’s just no fun, but hopefully gas prices will go down/stay stable in the next year or so and it won’t be any big deal that you have an SUV. We else are you supposed to drive when you have 3 kids? A Prius? Now THAT would look ridiculous.)

    Great job on the food & exercise front. 150s here you come!

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  7. Laura I adore you because you can justify everything for me!! I wanted a 3rd bench seat because I can’t tell you how many times we needed to take just one more person some where and then end up having to drive two vehicles. Ugh!!

    And the “she’s touching me/looking at me” arguements from the back seat were REALLY getting on my nerves!! Once I even threatened to “turn this car around if you all don’t knock it off right now”!!! so yeah, more seating is worth the extra gas money!! =) ♥

  8. Love love love love the new frames. They transform you from lost-in-the-80s mom to totally-chic-hope-she’ll-still-be-my-friend diva. Good choice!

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