Pain in the neck


Unfortunately they got it right this morning and it rained on my way into work this morning which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but my windshield wipers do not work.  Well that‘s not exactly true – one of them works, just not the one I need.  The passenger side wiper works like a dream, the drivers’ side? Not so much.  I don’t need a new wiper blade, I need the WHOLE wiper.  So driving to work in the rain was SUPER FUN!!!  Come hell or high water, I will get a new car this weekend!!


Weigh in yesterday was okay – 161 pounds. That’s 25 pounds down since February.  I’m thankful for the one pound loss, but I was really geared up to see 159.  Oh well, there’s always next week. 


I haven’t done very well with the Walking Challenge this week.  Out of the suggested 14 miles to do this week, I’ve done 4.  So basically that means I need to walk 10 miles between now and Sunday, which I can do, I just have to make sure to make time for it this weekend.  Then I have to do 25 crunches and 25 push ups – also doable, but I have to just remember to do them. 


Remember last week when I threw my lower back out?  Well now it’s my neck and shoulders. The Hubs just turned 40 and I’m the one with all the aches and pains!  Not fair.  I think I need a new pillow. The one I have now is a big fluffy moldable thing that I love – almost a little too much, so it hurts me to think I may have to replace it, but apparently it’s going to hurt more if I don’t.  If I could just get someone to give me a one hour massage everyday, I’d be golden.  Any takers???


It’s Friday and that means I get to sleep in as late as I want tomorrow, or as late as the Priss will let me (“wake up Mommy. It’s morning time!! I want some cereal. Now Mommy. Fix it now! Mommy wake up! Come into the living room right now! Mommy get out of your bed! Moooommmmmyyyyyy wake up!!”) I LOATHE getting up at 5:30 every morning, but if I want a paycheck, I gotta do it.  So on Saturday mornings I take my time getting up and then I spend an hour with my coffee and a magazine, or watching Fine living channel.  I love Saturday mornings.  


Hope you all get to sleep in late and enjoy your weekend!  See ya Monday!  








5 thoughts on “Pain in the neck

  1. Hope you find that new car. That’s not a safe way to drive, woman!

    One pound is still a pound. You can lose more next week. Don’t increase your mileage too fast/too soon. I don’t know if the same applies for walking as running, but you are supposed to increase mileage 10% a week to avoid injury. Not that I don’t want you to meet your goals, just be safe, ‘kay?

    You have had enough injury–neck and shoulders, ouch!

    Enjoy your Saturday morning sleeping in. Those are the best.

  2. Oooh, hope you got a good sleep-in this morning! Sounds delicious.

    Hey, I would give anything to lose one pound at this point! Well, I guess not anything–obviously I am not willing to give up some food!

    The whole windshield wiper thing brought back (fond?) memories of when I lived in Texas. Me and my brother had a pet shop, and I borrowed a friend’s van that had no windshield wipers to take a trip to Dallas to pick up a load of TROPICAL FISH! On the way back home (Wichita Falls) there was an unexpected SNOWSTORM so bad that I couldn’t see to drive. Tropical Fish/Snowstorm don’t go together! So through a weird relay of phone calls, some parents of a friend of a friend came and rescued me and the fish for a few hours until the storm passed! I don’t remember, but the windshield wiper probably got replaced. How stupid was that!

    So, now your neck and shoulders? Do you think it is related to your back? Quite a while ago, I got one of those memory foam pillows that are molded to the shape of your neck, and I liked it so much that I got a memory foam mattress topper. I really think they are great for aches and pains.

    What’s the fine living channel? Sounds very interesting…Hope your whole weekend was great!

  3. I think getting rid of a good pillow would be much more painful then getting rid of a bad hubby. I have a Ralp Lauren down pillow that is over 5 years old and is sooooo comfortable. . . I love that pillow and will probably cry when it no longer plumps and fluffs.

    Hopefully there is a great new pillow and car waiting for you before the end of the weekend.

  4. Helllllllllllllooooooooooooooo!
    First of all, thank you for checking in and the positive words and support! and NEXT..WOW , 25lbs..since FEB!!… and on the border of the 50’ must be feeling pretty..pretty good! Keep up the good work and I am all about sleeping in. I slept till 11 yesterday!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO hooooooooooo. ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s for all my friends . Have a great day!

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