Unfortunately they got it right this morning and it rained on my way into work this morning which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, but my windshield wipers do not work.  Well that‘s not exactly true – one of them works, just not the one I need.  The passenger side wiper works like a dream, the drivers’ side? Not so much.  I don’t need a new wiper blade, I need the WHOLE wiper.  So driving to work in the rain was SUPER FUN!!!  Come hell or high water, I will get a new car this weekend!!


Weigh in yesterday was okay – 161 pounds. That’s 25 pounds down since February.  I’m thankful for the one pound loss, but I was really geared up to see 159.  Oh well, there’s always next week. 


I haven’t done very well with the Walking Challenge this week.  Out of the suggested 14 miles to do this week, I’ve done 4.  So basically that means I need to walk 10 miles between now and Sunday, which I can do, I just have to make sure to make time for it this weekend.  Then I have to do 25 crunches and 25 push ups – also doable, but I have to just remember to do them. 


Remember last week when I threw my lower back out?  Well now it’s my neck and shoulders. The Hubs just turned 40 and I’m the one with all the aches and pains!  Not fair.  I think I need a new pillow. The one I have now is a big fluffy moldable thing that I love – almost a little too much, so it hurts me to think I may have to replace it, but apparently it’s going to hurt more if I don’t.  If I could just get someone to give me a one hour massage everyday, I’d be golden.  Any takers???


It’s Friday and that means I get to sleep in as late as I want tomorrow, or as late as the Priss will let me (“wake up Mommy. It’s morning time!! I want some cereal. Now Mommy. Fix it now! Mommy wake up! Come into the living room right now! Mommy get out of your bed! Moooommmmmyyyyyy wake up!!”) I LOATHE getting up at 5:30 every morning, but if I want a paycheck, I gotta do it.  So on Saturday mornings I take my time getting up and then I spend an hour with my coffee and a magazine, or watching Fine living channel.  I love Saturday mornings.  


Hope you all get to sleep in late and enjoy your weekend!  See ya Monday!