Well Laura did a “Random Wednesday” post today and sh’e s cool, so I will too!  Here goes:


The weather outside is just about as perfect as you can get.  Eighty degrees, nice gentle breeze, sunny skies…and I’m stuck here in my office.  Figures.


I found out today that my son has to get SIX teeth cut out.  UGH!  He has a very small mouth (obviously not inherited from me) and too many teeth, so the dentist wants to send him to an oral surgeon to have all of them done at once.  I wonder how much THAT’S going to cost me?!  =(  Poor kid.


Still looking for a new car.  We’ve gone from looking at $36k cars to $26k to $16k cars now because all of our money is going to be in my son’s mouth.


Eye is still twitching.  I’ll let you know if it stops (cause I’m sure you are on the edge of your seat wondering!).


Did another 2 mile walk last night and I’m still sore from the push ups I did on Monday.  I might try to do some more tonight, or I might not.  Who knows?


Why does it take an hour and a half to get 3 kids to bed?  Really it’s just 2 kids because my son pretty much gets himself to bed (he should, he’s 11), but the girls?  Takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r!!!


Here’s a little something you may not know about me:  I can belch like a teenage boy. I don’t share this talent with many people for obvious reasons, but my family gets treated to a wall-shaker every now and then. 


I can’t believe I just told you that.


I am getting some funky new glasses on Friday – I wear contacts mostly, but I’m so blind (really, I am legally blind)  that I have to have glasses when I’m not wearing my ‘tacts.  I’ll try to take a picture when I get them and post it this weekend.


I guess I need to go shopping, because I am getting all kinds of comments about how big my pants are.  As in “why do you keep pulling up your pants?  Do you need a belt or something?” As a matter of fact, I do.  Maybe I just need to go buy a new belt! =)


Still craving ice cream – what does that mean? 


If you haven’t fallen asleep yet, you must have consumed a lot of coffee before you started reading this because, wow, this qualifies for “Most Boring Post EVERRRR”.


Maybe something exciting! and cool! will happen to me on the way home so I’ll have something that’s post-worthy tomorrow! 


Later kids!!!