Lookit me rubbin elbows!!

In case you missed it, Pasta Queen – blogger extraordinaire – left a comment on my blog!  AND as a bonus, so did my favorite cranky blogger – Crabby McSlacker!!  On the same post!  On the same day!!! And since I’m name dropping, MizFit has been a regular commenter of late as well.  Next thing you know I’ll have to fight off the paparazzi when I go out, I’m so famous.  Somebody get me a sparkling water…


I have to admit, this is not the first time any of them has commented on my blog before.  I could totally link to the posts in which they commented, but that would require actual work on my part, and well, since it’s Friday and all…I”ll just let you go foraging through my archives if you feel the need.   The fact that both Crabby and PQ commented on a post in which I wrote nothing at all…well, I’m just going to ignore that small, but obvious fact and continue being star-struck. 


Anyway, enough about me…


My back is feeling better today, thanks for asking.  It’s still a little stiff, but at least I can walk upright without dragging my knuckles on the ground.  Now if I can just get my left eye to stop twitching, all will be right with the world.


I’m going to my sister’s house this weekend to eat all of her food and play in her pool celebrate her birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS 8-8-08).  Oh and she has a Wii, which I am secretly excited to play (yes, I am as immature as an 11 year old boy, so what?).  There will be lots of cake and chocolate covered strawberries, I hope, and lots of laying around working on my non-tan (I have no melatonin in my skin – I’m one shade away from being an albino).  It’s gonna be great!!!


On a completely random note:  has anyone else noticed the influx of pop stars into country music lately?  I just recently started listening to country again (I’m from Oklahoma, it’s a requirement) and suddenly I hear a song by Jessica Simpson. And what’s worse – I actually like it! GASP SHUDDER!!!  Also, remember Hootie and the Blowfish???  Well, looks like ole Hootie has done gone and gotten him a country song – and I like it too!  You go Darius Rucker!!!    Let’s see who else?  Oh yeah, Kid Rock – no lie people, Kid Rock has a country song.  And dare I say it yet again???  J’aime le chanson de country!!  What up with all the pop stars going country?  Guess Alan Jackson was right…


Okay, well, guess that’s enough for today.  Still have some things to finish up here at the office before I go home and do 84 loads of laundry.  Woo being a grown up is fun!! 


Have a good weekend y’all!! (also a requirement of Oklahoma – the word “y’all”)







4 thoughts on “Lookit me rubbin elbows!!

  1. you crack me up.
    and the PASTA QUEEN? seriously, you have totally *left* the couch and made it to the Big TIme.

    Ive no answer for you in the MUSIC arena but can you tell *me* why all the popstars/hollywood types are horning into the PICTURE BOOK arena (sigh)?

    they need to leave something for us little folk.
    (wait, did I just try and hijack your post?! duly noted…)


  2. Ha, I totally know what you mean. Anytime Shauna from Diet Girl leaves a comment on my blog, I feel so stinking special. =) (And, BTW, I have PQ’s cell phone number! I was *this close* to meeting her in person…remember my half marathon and the subsequent disappointment with my daughter’s dizzy spell and having to miss PQ’s book party.)

    And, I too love the Miz Fit. She’s the bomb. I hope she gets that book deal soon!

    Hope you get your mojo back this week, sista. I know how it can be… been there so many times. Just Don’t. Give. Up.

  3. Hope you’re having a good weekend! Maybe I’ll have some 3 point chocolate cake that’s in my freezer to celebrate with you. See you one TL’s challenge tomorrow morning!!

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