All Pain, All Gain




Well this has been a cruddy week.  


I woke up this morning to a white hot inferno burning in my lower back.  I have no idea how I did it, but I’ve pulled a muscle and it hurts like a MUTHAH.  And now I get to sit in a chair behind a desk for eight hours and I’m sure that’s going to help like, a bunch.


Also yesterday, the hub’s truck broke down.  Oh, did I mention we just paid the damn thing off TWO MONTHS AGO?????    Rockin good times here!!


But hey at least I’m eating great and working out consistently…oh wait, that’s not me!!  That’s someone else who has her head on straight.  Cause I can’t get my act together to save my life lately.  Want proof?  Here’s ya some proof:  I ate ice cream 3 times yesterday.  Three separate times, mind you.   I had an ice cream sandwich at work because, well it was there and what else could I do?  Then I drove thru McDamnold’s and ordered an ice cream cone because, well it was there and what else could I do?  And finally I had a bowl of ice cream at home last night after dinner because, well I’M AN IDIOT and what else could I do?????????  The funniest part about it is that I don’t even really like ice cream that much!  I’m losing it…slowly but surely. And by losing it, unfortunately I don’t mean pounds.  =(


I’ve also got some tummy issues I’m dealing with and it’s really starting to annoy me. 


Aren’t you glad you stopped by today???  Lucky you, getting to hear me whine and gripe about everything!


Okay on a lighter note, see that blogroll over there? —-à  I command you to read each and every one of those blogs because there’s some good stuff out there right now, which is good, because there ain’t shint happenin here.  (Good grief, the Okie accent is taking over now)


I foresee lots of IcyHot and Tylenol in my future today.  And maybe some whiskey, I don’t know.



6 thoughts on “All Pain, All Gain

  1. Oh man, sorry about your back, Jill. I hope its just a muscle, and not something worse. But hey, if its a muscle, maybe she’ll need to take muscle relaxers, and that will make her even funnier than she already is (debby thinks to her egocentric self) oops I wrote that out loud.

    Seriously, the car thing is so freaking frustrating. My last car payment is due in 2 weeks, and every time I get in the car I am waiting for some horrible screeching noise, or the lights to flash ‘GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW. IT IS BEYOND REPAIR.’

    Ice cream. Yah, I don’t like it that much either. But I do think about it. Ice cream on cake, Ice cream on brownies, ice cream on CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES, ice cream with twix bars mixed in. I feel a trip to Cold Stone coming on. Aren’t blogs great? They really encourage us to eat right and exercise. They never tempt us to eat stuff we shouldn’t.

    Your tummy? Maybe some ice cream would help…

    YES, I AM GLAD I STOPPED BY TODAY. I made me laugh almost more than you made me laugh. But I was only able to make me laugh because you are so stinking funny, Jill.

    Seriously, really, don’t give up. TL’s challenge starts Monday. And even if all you do is maintain right where you are, go back and read your post last week about how good you feel there!

  2. Omgosh Debby!! You are cracking me up!!!! I am loling all over my office!!!

    I am going to declare Monday August 11th as “The Day Jill Gets Her Stuff Together”. TL’s challenge, the push up challenge, back to the non-life threatening eating – it’s all gonna happen Monday.

    Because this weekend is my sister’s birthday, and there will be cake. And probably ice cream.

  3. Jill, how the heck did my post get over here in the comments section of YOUR blog???? I must have hit some weird link button? You can delete these two comments if you want so it won’t look like I am pimping my blog on your website!

  4. Debby – I don’t mind you pimping your blog here! But yeah that’s weird!!

    Off to read your post since it’s linked here and all!!!

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