Don’t Tempt Fate

I would like to tell you how great my eating has been and that I am kickboxing my way to the UFC title.  I would like to tell you all that carbs no longer have a place in my life, and that all this working out is causing me to have abs, arms and buns of steel.  I would like to tell you that I am practically perfect in every way possible…


But that would be a lie.


Why is it that when I post about being on track, the next day my train derails???  It’s like the Fates are coming at me wagging their fingers saying, “Ah ah ah…don’t tempt us, Jill.” 


Last night as I pondered all my wrecked intentions, I came up with these questions:


Why do I think that eating will make an upset tummy feel better?


Why do I think that eating will give me energy when I am tired?


Why do I think that eating will boost my cranky stressed mood?


Why do I think that eating will get back at everyone who pissed me off?




I actually had a really great weekend, not that the tone of this post so far reflects that,  but my little family spent the whole day Saturday at a spring-fed creek where the 65* water felt like heaven in the 105* heat!!  I’m not kidding; we spent like 7 hours at this place and had the best time.  We grilled hot dogs and had all the usual day-at-the-water type food.  Even though I brought some good healthy options, I gave in and consumed 2 of those frosted soft sugar cookies and a bunch of Pringles chips.  Of course I felt like crud afterward, but that didn’t stop me from ordering a dip cone from the local (and I’m not kidding about the name here) Pig-N-Out ice cream stand.  It wasn’t even that good, but I ate every bit of it anyway.  That brings me to another “why” – why do I think that something will taste better if I just keep eating it???  I’ve gotten better about this one, but it still creeps up on me from time to time. 


Sunday we took out a second mortgage on the house in order to buy school supplies and back-to-school clothes for the two oldest kiddos.  They start school in about 10 days, so I’m glad we got that out of the way.  I don’t know why I am always so surprised at how much we spend on this stuff, but every year I am flabbergasted.  I just kills me to have to buy things like batteries and tennis balls and Ziploc bags for school.  (Insert cranky old man voice here) Back when I went to school all you needed was your cardboard cigar box and a Big Chief tablet and a pencil!!  Maybe some Elmer’s glue and a box of crayons and you were good to go!  My soon-to-be second grader had to have 48 pencils – FORTY-EIGHT!!!!!  Good night, how much writing can an 8 year old do???  Is that one pencil for each week?  But I digress…


Gets off soapbox…


Anyway, all that shopping must have triggered my binge button because I consumed every sugar-laden, carb-loaded snack I could find in that house.  And I didn’t stop until all the stupid Froot Loop cereal straws were gone!!  Those things are evil – way too addictive for me. 


So, how to get the train back on track?  I think I need to do some reading about emotional eating – that sometimes helps me shake me loose of the cycle.  There is one book that I like by Linda Spangle called “Life is Hard, Food is Easy” that I like to re-read when I get all emotional-eaty.  She’s got a grounded, real life view of why we eat emotionally and she even has some really good solutions as well.  She has another book too called “100 Days of Weight Loss” that gives you tips and tricks to staying on your diet – whatever diet you may be on.  I think I need to look that one over too. 


So the plan for this week is to work out 4 days this week, and read my books and do the best I can.   I also need to plan a menu for this week’s dinners – that really cuts back on my stress level if I don’t have to think about what’s for dinner.  I’m also thinking of buying the Wonder Woman cuff bracelet – but not wearing it until I reach my goal. The more I think about it, the more I really want it!!  If I wait until I reach my goal to buy it, I’ll end up not buying it at all, but if I get it now, I can dangle it in front of my face like a carrot.  Super-extra motivation, if you will.   


I hope you all had a great weekend, and if you are a regular lurker (my blog stats suggest far more people are reading than are commenting) please delurk to let me know how you handle a derailment in your eating/work out plans.   Or even better, how do you stay consistent when life throws you a curve?  Here’s your chance to put your 2 cents in. 


Have a great Monday!!


ETA: sorry for the lack of linkage, but I’m feeling rather lazy today!



14 thoughts on “Don’t Tempt Fate

  1. I self-sabotage so easily, it’s just stupid. It’s totally what’s keeping me from getting under 150. I think, hey I weigh 151 today? That means I can eat whatever I want tonight! There’s something screwy in our brains that goes haywire when things are going right–and it says, oh no no no, you are so not going to get what you think you want, I’ll show you what you really want, and it’s SUGAR.

    I think I have Linda Spangle’s books somewhere in my Tower o’ Books on my nightstand. I need to find them.

    Hope you get on track this week, girlie. I know that you can!!

  2. Hi, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Little stressed out – eat. Everybody pissing you off – eat. Feel tired – eat.
    I get back on track by journaling my food, planning ahead and realizing one bad day is not the end of the world, just get back on horse and start riding again. Bad days are gonna happen. I get back out and have an extra long exercise session and that always gets me back on track. Entering my food into the computer before I eat is the easiest way for me to stay on track. I love to work out, but I sweat I have some hidden fear about losing weight, what’s up with that? If you don’t use it already, try Awesome FREE website for food diary, exercise log, message boards and motivation. It rocks!

  3. Hey Jillie–Such a nice long post, and so many things I want to talk to you about…I seem kinda blog-blocked today though. I have tons of ‘important’ things I wanted to write about on my blog, and didn’t even start on anything.

    So, to inadequately answer all your questions: that’s who we are. That’s why we got to be the way we were (fat.) Something’s not quite right with our relationship with food. And so maybe we’ll have to work on it for the rest of our lives. But I think working on it is still better than the alternative-living with the fat and dying young. Boy, believe it or not, I really didn’t think about what I was going to say before I sat down (are you saying, well, I wish she would have thought a LITTLE BIT, this is a downer.)

    Anyways, Jill, you make me laugh, and make me feel better about myself. On Saturday, I was too tired, which makes me depressed, and then add in a bit of anxiety and stress at work, so when the boss brought around the box of Kudos bars, I took two, not one, and ate both of them 10 minutes later. Then that afternoon, was looking at a few blogs, which led me to an article about the evils of sugar, so I was thinking about that, how I haven’t completely eliminated sugar from my diet, and maybe I should think about doing that. And then a stupid guy came around with a basket of candy bars and some sob story about raising money for somebody’s mother’s lung transplant, and I briefly toyed with the idea of giving them money without taking a candy bar, but of course they had Twix bars, so that is what I chose, and then when I was stressed out 10 minutes later, I ate that.

    Okay, Jill, but here’s the thing (are you saying to yourself, didn’t I tell that girl to get her own blog?) I had picked out some new recipes to try before I went to work, and I came home and tried those recipes, and have had two exceptional eating and exercising days in a row.

    So, we just keep on. Like the drunk who falls off the curb into the gutter, we get back up and walk away from the bars into a Starbuck’s, and if we’re really lucky, some of our bloggy friends will help us get back on our feet again, and join us for a cup of coffee (not a caramel frapachino.) I know frappochino is spelled wrong but I am misspelling it so badly the dictionary doesn’t even know what I am trying to say…

  4. Hey Jill, I hate it when I post like that and it doesn’t link to my blog. Then people who are curious about the person who doesn’t know how to spell frappachina won’t be able to come see how all my other words are spelled correctly on my blog.

    About the W.W. bracelet, GO FOR IT! BTW, I didn’t believe you were old enough to remember the show, so I checked it out. It was on when you were between 4 and 8 years old. I have been thinking for almost a year about a beautiful necklace I saw that I was going to reward myself with when I got BACK to the 100 pounds lost. But lately, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Just get the necklace and allow yourself to wear it when you get there.

    Sorry, Jill, for being too wordy. I am really tired. Off to watch an episode of Monk and have the last of my legal food for the day–a peach with some cool whip and a cliff bar (my chocolate chip cookie fix!)

  5. that is what its about.

    doing the best you can. living moment by moment and making the best choices you can.



  6. Debby – OMG girl you crack me up!!! I loooooove long comments, so don’t sweat it honey! BTW, no one knows how to spell frappacino (frapaccino, frappucinno, frapicinno) – just say “over priced coffee” and everyone will know what you are talking about!! Oh and also – I love it that you called me Jillie – my family has called me that since I was just a wee tot! =)

    Miz – I”ll take both hands and your arms and legs if you’re offering!! =) Thanks

  7. Laughing so hard about the 2nd mortgage for school supplies – the 6th grader needed 48 penicls too and 12 pocket folders with brackets – and they had better not be PLASTIC!!!

    I loved this post – I’m one of those eaters who thinks food will make my tummy feel better if I’m nervous or bored.

  8. Ahhh, cool blog! (thanks for ‘stopping by’ mine) I KNOW about the school supplies! I feel as if I got off easy… $68 for both kids (that didn’t include the uniforms, though)…gotta love WalMart… Hang in there with the eating! I always feel as if eating will make EVERYTHING better, and it does…for about 10 minutes. Then I spend the next 10 DAYS feeling like crap about myself…

  9. Okay Jill, another joke on me. Until I read Grump chair’s comment this morning, I actually thought you had really taken out a second mortgage on your house ‘for school supplies’ and had been worrying about that ever since. So, reading your posts actually gives me a good laugh for several days running…

  10. Jill, your comment on Grumpy’s was PRICELESS! It was actually exactly what I was thinking, but would NEVER have had the nerve to write out loud.

  11. Debby you kill me!!! We can barely afford the First Mortgage – let alone a second one!! No we didn’t actually take out a mortgage to buy school supplies – that’s just my way of passive aggressively taking a hit at “the man”, who in this case is the school system!! I LOATHE buying school supplies!

    Oh and yeah, I was wondering if anyone else got that comment about Edouard!! Glad you got it!!! =) That just proves how super cool you are!!

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