Now that July is coming to a close, I can finally focus on shedding some more weight.  It was nice to just sit at my current weight and get comfy with it, and I have learned some things from that.  I learned that just 20 pounds can make a huge difference in how I see and feel about myself, which translates into how I present myself to other people.  I am more relaxed and confident now than I was 6 months ago.  Also I realize that the way I’ve been eating (more protein/less carbs) is becoming easier and makes me feel good.  It’s so much easier to get back on track now that I know what my body needs.  A detour is nice for a short time, but if I stay on that detour, I feel run down and bloated.  The way I get back on track is to just be mindful of the choices I’m making.  Being conscious of the kinds of foods I am eating makes a huge difference in whether or not I’m losing weight. 


And here’s something else I have learned over the last month:  the diet pills* don’t make me lose weight.  Wait a minute… what?   Isn’t that what diet pills are supposed to do?  That’s what I thought too, but what I have discovered is that they help me to NOT gain weight.  They take the edge off of the munchies, but that’s about it.  And for me that’s still pretty big, because the munchies can take over my life if I let them, but I’m kind of glad that even though I have been taking them faithfully, I haven’t lost any weight this month.  The weight that has come off, has been through good old fashioned diet and exercise. 


I started again this week with being more mindful of what and how much I am eating – limiting my snacks to nuts and string cheese or fruit, and I also started working out again.  I ordered this because she recommends it, and who am I to argue with royalty?  When I got the DVD, I watched it all the way through first just to get an idea of what it was all about because I have never kicked or boxed, let alone a combination of the two.  Then I got brave and tried it.  OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!   I think I have found my inner Grrr with this.  I’m still not terribly quick on my feet, but who knew I could kick like that???  It was an awesome and fun workout and I have done it 3 times already this week.  Even though I am in my air conditioned living room, I still end up totally sweaty and out of breath – I love it!!  So that brings my work out arsenal to two: walking and kickboxing.  Look out, I may just start up the new A Team with my newfound abilities – all I need is a white van and Mr. T and we can fight crime all over the world!  I might also need this – hey it’s my crime fighting team, I can accessorize however I want!!


Anyway, back to getting back into the groove, yeah it’s going well.  I weigh in at the doc’s this afternoon, so I hope to show a little loss.  If not, that’s okay; I know the working out will catch up soon.  Either way I’ll look awesome in my bullet proof bracelet!





*in case you are just tuning in, these are not over the counter diet pills.  They are doctor-prescribed and carefully monitored on a weekly basis by the Nurse Nazi.  Yes, I’m being careful; no I haven’t had any ill side effects.  Thanks for your concern.  Really, I mean that.