You know you’re PMSing when…

  • The warm fuzziness of your daughter’s Barbie Fairytopia movie makes you cry
  • one minute you love your husband so much that it takes your breath away, and the next minute he’s an insensitive jackass who should know EXACTLY why he made you madder than a wet hen and don’t tell me not to get upset! You’re the reason I’m upset so you should do something to make me feel better you insensitive jackass!!!
  • spilling your coffee makes you cry
  • the ice cream in the freezer that you have managed to avoid for the last 3 weeks is suddenly the most precious thing on earth to you and you must have it NOW.
  • a fudgesicle, a brownie, and 3 handfuls of chocolate chips are not enough chocolate to tame the savage beast within.
  • you start to wonder if pouring syrup on unsweetened baking chocolate would do the trick.
  •  a sink full of dirty dishes makes you cry
  • your skinny jeans that you slaved and sweated to fit into can not be zipped without your being horizontal
  • flat lifeless hair makes you cry
  • crying makes you cry and you don’t even know why you started crying in the first place you just know that you can’t stop and really you don’t want to stop because it does make you feel a little bit better but now your makeup is running and so now you have do your make up ALL over again and the thought of having to do that just makes you cry more
  • suddenly every moron with a driver’s license is in front of you and apparently THEY DON’T REALIZE THAT YES, YOU CAN TURN RIGHT ON RED AFTER YOU STOP.  MOVE IT YOU IDIOT!!!!
  • the most beautiful word in the English language is Midol

4 thoughts on “You know you’re PMSing when…

  1. Oh girl, I so know how you feel (I love the Barbie movies–so empowering to little girls!). This is only temporary. And yes, chocolate does make everything better (at least for a little while).


  2. OMG Jill, I missed your sense of humor while you were gone. PMS–One more reason to be VERY HAPPY I’m old. Although the chocolate thing seems like a good thing to me.

    Thanks for the reply on my blog, and the story you shared. I am really trying to omit the word struggle when I talk about this thing we’re doing. (I guess I should think of a better descriptive than ‘this thing…’)


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