Hey all!  I’m back and I had a great weekend.  Lots of family and fireworks and food and fun!  In case the economists were concerned that the price of food would hamper the holiday weekend, my family alone put an end to that worry.  My word, you would have thought we were having a small third world country over for dinner on Saturday!  Tons of meat and side dishes and desserts – to say we went overboard would be an understatement.  Everyone had a good time, especially when my cousin broke out the blender and made mojitos for us – woohoo!!  It doesn’t take much for me to get a little tipsy nowadays, but get a little tipsy I did!!  And I really do mean just tipsy, I don’t like to drink with my kiddos around, so I went easy on the drinks. 


I ate more than usual, but not once did I ever stuff myself.  In fact, I think I did really well.  I ate whatever I wanted, but only small amounts and I moved around enough that I felt like I could indulge a little.  My BIL and I went on a 3 mile walk Saturday morning across the dam (my parents live half a mile from the dam, and the damn is one mile across, so going across and back was two miles, then the half mile walk back to the house) and I think that really helped burn some major calories!!  I also played ball with the kids and just generally ran around carrying stuff to and from the house and the yard all day.  When I got on the scale this morning I was still holding steady at 165.  Let’s just hope I can carry that over while we are at the lake this weekend. 


Oh and last night the hubs and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate our anniversary and the whole meal was delish from start to finish.  I had some wine, then a little bit of salad and half of a breadstick, then my seafood alfredo came and it was the bomb!! So good!  Then we topped it off with a little Tiramisu – Oh. My. Gosh. The whole thing was fan-freaking-tastic!!  I hadn’t been to OG in ages, and I was surprised at how good everything was.  It’s definitely a once-in-a-great-while kind of place, because everything on the menu has a bazillion calories, but it’s still super yummy!


Are you all hungry now?  Thought so! 


While you are cruising the nets today, go send a little love to Grumpy Chair (see sidebar for link. My link thingy isn’t working).  She needs lots of love and prayers right now.