Hey all!  Did you have a good weekend?  I spent most of the weekend cleaning my house and doing 462 loads of laundry, but now my house and everything in it is sparkly and shiny!!   I love that feeling!


I’m a little more back on track this week.  I got in a couple of good walk/runs over the weekend, and I stayed on track food-wise pretty well too.  During the week, if I don’t get the walk done by 7pm it doesn’t happen at all, so I need to make it a priority.  I also need to make water a priority as well.  When I have those two things going, my weight loss is great, but when I slack on those, the loss stalls. 


The next couple of weeks are going to be busy – this weekend we are having a family reunion at my parents’ house, which will of course mean tons of food, because my mom feels like she responsible for feeding all of North America.  However, there are also plenty of places to walk and get some good exercise in, so I’m going to try and do that as well.  I’m really looking forward to this weekend – hopefully it will be filled with lots of fun and margaritas!


Next week we are going on a short vacation to Beaver Lake, AR.  Lots of lying around by the pool and then going down for a swim in the lake.  I love going on vacation, but I do tend to find myself doing a lot of boredom snacking.  I’ll eat things I wouldn’t normally eat, just because it’s there. Things that I don’t even like such as Vienna sausages and Ding Dongs suddenly become appealing.  I hate it when I do that, but I’ll try to be careful and not indulge too much.  I’m mostly looking forward to just getting away and spending some time with the kiddos and the hubs. 


Any good tips/advice on how to handle these two events without gaining 20 pounds?  I’d love to hear how y’all handle these kinds of things, so here’s your chance to help a girl NOT regret donating her fat pants to Goodwill. Thanks, y’all rock.  (I’m a little more twangy today than usual, huh?)  🙂   Yeehaw!