News Alert

I forgot to take the morning “pills”.  Guess what?   I did not eat my desk and everything in or on it.  Why is this significant?  Because it reassures me that I can function normally with out the aid of an appetite suppressant.  I’m still going to keep on taking them, at least for a little while longer.  🙂 

I have not walked on my treadmill since last Wednesday.  This is bad because I have come to depend on the good feeling I get from the endorphin rush when I walk.  I also really like the stress relieving affect walking has on me.  By Saturday, I could feel myself getting tense.  By Sunday, I was REALLy cranky and tired.  Today, I”m just down right pissed!   Come hell or high water, tonight I am walking dammit!!  I ♥ my treadmill!!

I saw this on this morning:

fail owned pwned pictures


Hey LauraN does this look familiar???  When I did LA Weightloss (several years ago) there was a mom & pop cafe right next door and you could smell all the down-home cooking wafting through the door.  It wasn’t easy to ignore!

Have a good day everyone!  🙂

4 thoughts on “News Alert

  1. Hi Jill, welcome back from the weekend! Hey, since you are walking more, why don’t you come back to Tigerlily’s new challenge. I think its starting July 31. You don’t need a pedometer, you can just time it (20 minutes=1mile.) I like seeing your name over there! Hope the treadmill was good tonight. I don’t really think I get endorphins from walking. Of course there’s no one around here to tell me that I am getting crabbier than normal. The dogs probably have an opinion about this.

  2. I will never understand this. When I exercise, I immediately feel good.

    Yet, it’s hard to exercise? Pavlov was wrong, god just hates us.

  3. No Red, God LOVES us – my morning coffee is proof of that!!!

    Debby – I’ll bet you do get endorphins when you walk and probably more so when you go to Curves. As far as getting crabby – that’s the beauty of living alone – you can be as crabby as you please!!! =)

  4. Ha! That LAWL pic is funny. There’s a Moe’s burrito shop next door to mine and around the corner there’s a Coldstone Creamery. That reminds me…. I need to go weigh in!

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