I eat two pieces of chocolate every day and I don’t feel one iota of guilt because it is good for me.  Everyday I have this:


Thompson Candy - Adora Calcium - Dark Chocolate, 30 pieces


 It is a calcium supplement disguised as a piece of really good dark chocolate. You don’t like dark              chocolate, you say?  Well, never fear, it also comes in milk chocolate, although I have never tasted that one, I’m sure it’s yummy.  I loooove good dark chocolate and I was really surprised at how good these are.  I have one after breakfast and one after dinner, and it really helps me with that “I just want one bite of something sweet” habit I have after dinner.  This is one supplement that I am oh so happy to take!!


In other news:  I had my weekly visit/weigh in with the doc yesterday and I have lost another 3.5 pounds, which brings me to a total of 20.5 pounds lost since February.  That’s also 12.5 pounds for this month alone, which concerns even me just a little bit, so last night instead of having a taco salad while everyone else had tacos, I decided I would splurge a little and have two tacos myself.  I don’t want to lose weight too fast because then I’m afraid that I won’t keep it off.  (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence – I’ve never been accused of losing weight too fast!!!)  But really, while I think 10 pounds per month is okay, 12 -15 may be a little much.  I think I’m going to relax just a tad and add a few carbs in here and there.  I’ve gotten into the habit of drinking tons of water, so I’m not sure I could cut back on that, and I have come to rely on my nightly walk for the endorphins, so I really don’t want to cut that out either.  I loves me some endorphins (and so does my family!).


I am at my halfway point now.  Another 20 pounds is my goal, and when (notice how I said “when”, not “if”?) I reach that, I’ll see if I want to go for another 10.  That would be ideal, but I’m not hanging all my hopes on that one.  I already feel so much better – I’m amazed at how much easier it is to move.  Little things like climbing up in the truck and getting up off the floor are so much easier now.


 Whoopie Goldberg did an HBO special like 20 or 30 years ago (it was one of her first I think), where she did a series of monologues. It is really brilliant, and if I can find a clip of it on YouTube, I’ll try to post it.  Anyway, one of her monologues was about a quadriplegic who is talking about her life.  She mentions that she has dreams, dreams where she is suddenly able to get up out of her wheelchair and walk. She can walk and move, and is amazed at how she can move her body in all sorts of different ways.  After being cramped up in her chair all her life, she can suddenly stretch and bend and dance and run, and she can feel every muscle in her body working.


This is how I am starting to feel.


I feel like I have been in a fat suit for the last 12 years, and I got so used to it, that I had forgotten what it feels like to really feel my body move.  When I run or walk, I am amazed at how my muscles are working and how running is easier than it was even 10 pounds ago.  When I started really trying to lose weight, it was all about how I looked. Now though, it is starting to balance out with how I feel.   Having clothes that fit again is great, but being able to run for longer stretches at a time feels far more superior.   I like that “free” feeling.  If I could dance, I would break out into a spontaneous interpretive dance! (A spontaneous interpretive two-step doesn’t quite cut it!) 


Okay, enough of that, here’s a little humor to start your weekend…





           Have a great weekend everyone!  🙂